Changing Rooms For Everyone Awards With Sudocrem #ad

I have teamed up with Sudocrem to highlight their awards scheme for the best changing room facilities in the uk. This is fifth year the awards have run and last year it won OTC marketing award 2017.

Previous winners of the award include Mothercare, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. So some very high profile high street names.

The awards have 3 categories you can vote for, but you can also nominate a facility that you think is leading the way.

My twin girls are now six years old and it is still very clear in my mind how so many changing rooms, well quite honestly did not come up to scratch. Yes their have been huge strides to improve the facilities, and the sudocrem awards scheme is a fantastic way to celebrate and congratulate companies that are giving first class facilities.

I’m particularly pleased to see in the categories Dad’s changing rooms, this is something that I’m sure most dads would agree is lacking generally, so the more we know about good well maintained changing rooms for dads nationwide, this will hopefully improve changing facilities all over the uk. It would be fantastic if you could nominate some awesome dads changing rooms. So when I’m on my travels I know which are the best ones to use. Actually last years winner was dads changing room, so it would be fantastic if they could do it two years in a row.

One particular area that quite frankly shocked me, was that in the uk their are 800,000 disabled children in the uk, but only 1058 changing facilities to fulfil their needs. Sudocrem have teamed up with the Charity Pamis (Promoting A More Inclusive Society) which highlights organisations such as Arsenal football club that has facilities that are more suitable for a wider range of people.

As I have mentioned the 3 categories that you can vote or nominate for are

• Baby Changing Room of the Year

• Dad’s Changing Rooms

• Changing Places Toilet (in association with PAMIS)

The map below shows where all of the nominations are for this years award and also the top locations for the 3 categories (as highlighted by the different logos).

So this is how you nominate a changing facility that has impressed you. Just click here. Nominations are open until 26th March 2018.

All entries will be judged by NCT, PAMIS and Sudocrem and the winner will be announced on the 30th March 2018.

The winning facilities will receive an engraved plaque. Everyone who nominates their particular favourite facility will entered into a prize draw. With a fantastic prize of a short break at a family friendly hotel.

So what you waiting for start nominating your favourite facilities, who knows you might win that fantastic prize.

This post is in collaboration with Sudocrem.

2 thoughts on “Changing Rooms For Everyone Awards With Sudocrem #ad

  1. It’s great that these awards have come into being; hopefully, they’ll result in better facilities everywhere. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to change nappies on a toilet floor due to there being no provision for dads.

  2. I am really glad to see this award. i hadn’t really considered about changing facilities in deisabled lavatories because the focus is so often on providing good facilitiles in the gents. We musn’t forget those with disabilities too.

    The other thing is that your need for a changing room doesn’t dissipate simply because your kid is out of nappies. Young, toilet trained kids often need a little assistance and we need public facilities to be kid friendly too.

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