Christmas I’m So Lucky But Not Everybody Is

I’m so lucky that over the Christmas period I will be surrounded by love and warmth from my family that you simply can’t put a price on. There is really nothing unusual about this because for many millions of families it will be the same scene in homes all over the world. However, for many they won’t be surrounded by a loving family. There will be many lonely people this Christmas Day and it will feel just like another day.

Loneliness on Christmas Day is something which I’m no stranger to. I have spent Christmas day alone on a couple of occasions years ago, and there is nothing more depressing than not having somebody, anybody you love to share Christmas Day with. Not being able to give and receive presents, or share a Christmas dinner or have laughter, fun and feel the love of a family at Christmas.

Over the Christmas period there will be one person that will be sitting down with her family for Christmas lunch and that’s my mum. My mum is in her twilight years, and I’m not going to lie there have been on a number of occasions times when I could have easily fallen out with her for good, but I never did, and I’m so happy I didn’t, because the thought of her spending Christmas with nobody around her would be too much to bear. So having her with us over Christmas where she will be showered with love and attention from my children her grandchildren is what Christmas is all about for me. Making sure she has a wonderful time at Christmas with her family and that we all create memories that will live on in my children’s memories.

My mum is part of an ever increasing ageing population in the UK, and so many of them will spend Christmas on their own, because families don’t have time or simply live too far apart. There are numerous reasons, but in my opinion it’s unacceptable if you have elderly relatives to leave them alone for long periods. Why not make the effort to bring them into your Christmas? It is after all just for a few hours of the year, but will mean the world to them that they will feel wanted and loved.

Another part of our society which is increasing on a daily basis, and one I always think about more than normal at Christmas is homelessness. I can’t imagine what it is like to be forced to spend Christmas day on the streets in the cold. It is of course so easy to judge them and say they should sort themselves out, but it’s really not that easy and we don’t know the story of what happened in their lives resulting in them ending up living rough. You may possibly have a relative that is living on the streets and may have given up on them. Maybe search your heart and reach out to them and who knows you may end up turning somebody’s life around. Homelessness is the worst it has ever been and also the amount of people dying on the streets is at an all time high. I think this is a disgrace for a country like the UK. More has to be done to protect the vulnerable in our society instead of walking past as if they don’t exist.

As I said in the title I’m very lucky at Christmas to be surrounded by so much love, but so many people are not so lucky. Spare a thought and possibly help somebody less fortunate than yourself. Who could be lonely this Christmas, or in need?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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