Does A University Education Prepare You For The Real World?

I will start this post by saying I never went to university or for that matter ever had the opportunity to do so. At age sixteen I finished my GCSE’s and was promptly told by my mother that I needed to find a job as she was not going to fund my life. So on a personal experience level I have no idea of how university does or doesn’t prepare you for the real world, but…

Two of my children have attended university. One has completed her course and the other is moving into his second year in September, so my views on whether university has prepared them for the real world is based solely on watching and experiencing their experiences.

My initial thought is that university appears to have been a bubble, which ultimately was not that much different from sixth form in school. Yes there is no doubt that a degree will enable them to get a better job and hopefully their salary will be a lot better than when I left school at 16. From watching the last 3 years of my daughter at university, yes she has a degree. But is she fully prepared for the real world.

The other side of this coin is that my eldest daughter who started work at 18 years old, very quickly learnt responsibility and realised that what you earn has to last a month. This is something that university students are not taught. They are given student loans and obviously nowadays parents have to pitch in with money to fund their university education. So at around 21 Years Old when most people have learnt the value of money, have university students really learnt value of money.

The truth is a university education may give our younger generation a degree to follow their chosen path of a career, but they have dramatically failed in giving them simple to live by life skills.

Life may be one big party in university where your life is maintained by student grants that invariably are never paid back, but when you have to earn money to pay your way in life it’s a different story altogether, which will be quite a shock to their systems.

Obviously if you go to university you should achieve getting the degree you wanted, but university should also be teaching students about money management and how you survive in the real world.

What do you think? Do you think university students are living in a bubble and need more life skills taught to them whilst they’re studying? I would love to hear.

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