Essential Daddy DIY Skills

Being good at DIY is sort of in the daddy rule book. Well, it’s sort of in the man’s rule book as well. Most women will expect the man they’re with to know a bit of handy skills around the home. Perhaps changing a door handle, being able to redecorate, and really fixing anything that seems to break. What we love is that mums are now super independent and take on a lot of this themselves, and we are true believers that both parents being able to do some DIY is the best way to go about things. But, we just know that it’s so expected of dads to have that certain set of skills that just makes them a little more manly. That makes them actually handy around the home, because we know that all mums think dads are good for nothing other than playing with the kids, leaving clothes lying right next to the washing basket, and sleeping in the afternoon. We’re painting a bad image of dads, aren’t we. So, instead, we want to carry on with some of the essential daddy DIY skills you need to have under your belt.

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The Dreaded Redecorating

Redecorating is something that just doesn’t come around often. It’s not like every month you will be thinking to yourself that something needs to change… well it might do, but you won’t be the person who is always going around their home taking down the wallpaper and putting it back up. Want to know why? Because it’s a pain, and even if you do try and do it, you might not even do it right. So, for painting, which is the example we’re going to give today because we feel it’s most popular. You just need to sand the wall down to get rid of any impurities. You might even find that behind it the plaster is rotting and peeling away, so you might need to learn how to plaster a wall. If not, then you just to go for two layers of base coat, three layers of normal paint, and one top coat. The lack of coats of paint is where we feel people go wrong the most. You need to build up those layers so there’s no patchiness or horrible areas!

The Unexpected DIY Essentials

These are the situations that just get sprung upon you when you feel like your house is falling apart. But it’s expected of you to know what to do to deal with situations like this. The most common we see is a leaky pipe, and a leaky pipe can so easily turn into a burst one if you’re not careful. So, turn off the water supply once you have identified the pipe. Then, take apart the pipe, and see if you can see what’s causing the leak. It’ll usually be that the pipe has simply become loose somehow, and in this situation you would just need to tighten it where it connects to the other. Or, it could be a simple patch up job if there’s a hole. Some sealant should work great. If it’s eroding away, it’ll be time to get a replacement part, which might require putting down your daddy DIY toolbox and calling in a professional. Unless of course you know the name of the part you need, then it becomes easy!

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