Finding The Time To Sort out Your Garden Can Be So Difficult

With spring fast approaching our attentions start to turn to getting our garden ready for when we can enjoy sitting out in the garden having family around, getting the barbecue lit and spending more time outdoors, especially during the long warm summer months.

It is also good to see the children outdoors enjoying the garden after having to spend many months indoors during the winter.

Of course since last summer we all tend to neglect the garden because the weather usually stops us from finding the motivation to do anything. So if you are anything like me the garden will be one big mess and finding the time to sort it out can be a problem.

There are many areas in the garden that need sorting and with time being a premium because of work and in general family life, I have found it really helps to get somebody in to help. Where I live I’m very fortunate that we have many local gardeners available. I find it very time consuming to mow the lawns and sort out all the borders, so getting somebody in to help with these tasks and keeping my garden tidy is a must.

Every year I always have a new project in the garden and this year is no different. Our patio is starting to look very tired and worn out. Every year I have pressure washed the patio, but the patio slabs have now lost that lovely sandstone colour. As such it’s time to have a look at some completely new patio designs that look great but is also functional. The patio for me is the central point of any garden. It’s where we sit down to eat on those beautiful, warm, summer evenings either entertaining family or friends, cooking the barbecue food so it needs to be a reasonable size to cater for everything that I want to during summer.

Sorting out the patio is something I like to get all organised before summer starts so I can relax and enjoy the environment in the garden I have created.

Finally the children have many garden toys and sadly some have been left out during the winter and we need to sort out what is still useable and what is not. In general a lot of rubbish has built up over the last period of time in the garden and I usually get a garden clearance company in to take away all the rubbish.

Getting your garden ready by the end of spring is so important to me so I can sit back and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Do you sort out your garden ready for spring and summer? I would love to hear your tips in the comments below.

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