Finding Time For Your GrandParents

This one is all about my 23 year old daughter again. It’s definitely her turn this week.

There is 67 years between grandparent and granddaughter. you wouldn’t believe it.

Nowadays we are so quick to criticise the youth, but yesterday I wrote a post about how my daughter works hard and saves her money to enjoy some of the good things in life, and I can’t emphasis how much effort she puts into everything she does. It’s always 110% effort. As I wrote yesterday My Daughter is off to New York Very Soon! Just shows how much she puts into work, so she can do great things like travelling.

My mum, her nana is now an ageing, frail, house bound old lady, who besides myself doesn’t see anybody else on a regular basis. I see my mum most days. It might only be for five minutes, and some days if for some reason I can’t get to see her I will always phone her to make sure she is ok!

There is one other person that makes a huge effort towards her grandmother, her nana, and that is my eldest daughter, J. She works long hours and all sort of shifts, but so often on her days off she will find time for her Nana.

A couple of Saturdays ago my mum wanted to go to the hairdressers. J was off work and it was her first day off in 10 days, but she went above and beyond to make her nana happy on this particular day. Not only did she take her nana to the hairdressers, my daughter J took her nana out to lunch and then to Boots the chemist on the way home. This all amounted to a big part of her day which was a day off work.

The world we live in today can so easily forget the elderly. We forget that they need company and conservation, and most importantly to feel wanted. My daughter, J, if I do say it myself is a shining example of the youth today. She finds and makes time for her elderly Nana. That is something I for one amvery proud of and my daughter should be proud of herself because she has shown what a generous and caring person she is at the tender age of 23.

Watching all of my children with their Nana has always made me smile inside, and I always think to myself my children are really good kids finding the time to see their nana, and show they care and love her.

I read a post “How Difficult Is It To Say I Love You” last week by John Adams of Dad Blog UK which was asking the question have you told your parents that you love them recently. I have to admit I genuinely don’t remember the last time I told my mother that I love her. I do of course love her, but I find it impossible to show that affection or say those three little words. Childhood scars run deep and left me most likely incapable of showing that strong emotion, but that is a story for another day. What I’m thankful for is that I have not passed on the inability to show emotion to my children, because when I see them around their nana, I see nothing but love.

J, thank you for everything you do for your Nana, my mum, and helping out whenever you can. It makes me proud to be your dad. Love you lots xx

Do you find time to see your grandparents often or not? I would love to hear.

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  1. Well Nigel, your mum is very lucky. I look back at how I behaved to the older relatives in my family when I was your daughter’ age. I wouldn’t say I was bad as such, but I should have paid them a lot more attention. Your daughter’s wonderful for finding and dedicated the time to her grandmother. Thanks also for the mention.

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