Fitting a Large Family Into a Small Home

It’s fairly common for people to feel like their home restricts them. Perhaps you simply don’t have enough bedrooms and, as a result, you have to cram your kids into a small bedroom with a bunk bed. Maybe you don’t enjoy the idea of your large family waiting for their turn to use the bathroom in the morning, and perhaps the garden just isn’t big enough for your kids to play in.We all get that feeling at some point in life, but moving home is an expensive way to get a larger house. Renovations can be expensive, and you might not be granted permission to extend your home depending on where you live. It’s a horrible position to be in, but here are a couple of tips that will help you live a full life with a large family in a small house.

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Make use of space.

There are plenty of space saving trends on the internet that can give you plenty of inspiration on how to make the most of your small home. For instance, you can divide large rooms by using panels and different wallpapers or paints to separate a larger space into smaller ones. You can also utilise spaces like under-bed storage, shelves and bunk beds. You need to be a master of decluttering if you want to use all the space in your home, so don’t neglect the importance of throwing out useless items or selling off unwanted and underused pieces of furniture to make more room.

Get closer.

It’s common for people to want their own private space to do their own things, but getting closer can be a great way to form family bonds that will last the rest of our lives. For instance, instead of having a furniture set that consists of a sofa and two arm chairs, just get one larger sofa so that everyone can be huddled together when watching television or playing games. This saves a lot of space and since you’ll be sitting closer to each other, it forms a natural family bond.

Hide furniture when possible.

There are plenty of little tricks and tips you can utilise to hide furniture. For instance, get a dining table that folds out so you have more space when you need it. When you aren’t using the table, it can simply fold down to make your home seem larger than it is. Ensure that your dining chairs fit flush underneath the table as well so that they don’t take up extra space in your home.

Live with less.

Even once you’ve tried all you can to expand your home and save space, you might still feel like your home is far too small for your family. In times like this, it might be better to just save up the cash needed to invest in a larger home, but keep in mind that there are plenty of advantages to living in a smaller home. For starters, you’re tightly knit and your family will be forced to work together and interact more often. There’s also less to clean, and you probably pay less to keep your house maintained and running.

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