Gender Stereotyping

The other day my wife was at a playgroup that the girls attend every week.

She was talking to a grandmother and happened to say that M was going to ballet for the first time that night. This person then turned to R and said are you going too so R said no I will be going to Football. The lady then laughed right in front of R. 
How wrong is that? What girls can’t play football? She could have easily put R off the idea of playing football.

My wife turned around very quickly and said that R’s sister has played football for Wales. Instantly her attitude changed because her sister had played for her country. My daughter is a great example of what can be achieved in any sport irrespective of gender. 


In the older generations gender stereotyping is alive and kicking. Most believe girls should only to “girlie things” and all boys are “super heroes “
What worries me is this is still being taught down the generations and younger people believe it too.
My three older children, two of which are girls, all played football. The girls were easily a match for any boys team and in particular my now 18 year old played for Wales at different ages including being involved with the u17 Welsh squad. Unfortunately her career is on hold due to her forging out a career in university, but they are great examples that all sport or activities should be open to both boys and girls irrespective of their sex.
Thankfully we have finally moved into the 21st century and really does it matter if you are a boy or girl you should be allowed to parcipatate in any sport or activity you want. Hopefully all these gender  barriers will be broken down forever.

6 thoughts on “Gender Stereotyping

  1. Gender stereotyping drives me crazy and as I have a boy & a girl I see if from both sides. When a boy falls over and cries I hear people say "man up" – he's a 4yo boy for goodness sake! If my daughter falls over and cries the reaction is different – lots of ohs, and look at those pretty knees… Seriously!!
    Good for your daughters, and long may it continue as long as she wants it to continue!

  2. Absolutely agree! Although Alfie goes top rugby (which there are several girls go too!), if he wanted to try dancing or similar I would be more than happy, I hope to think he can express himself however he likes! Great post thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  3. Gender stereotyping is still so apparent today – I hear it all the time. Even when England girls did so well in the football last year, I don't really know any men who got behind it – they just couldn't grasp the idea that girls can play good football too. It's in every walk of life unfortunately. Equally, boys should be able to go to ballet or gymnastics without feeling embarrassed about it in the playground. I think we are a long way off from a world without gender stereotypes but at least it's moving in the right direction #bestandworst

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