Gerber: Centre-Drive Multi-Tool Review #ad

I’m a painter and decorator, and also do many handyman jobs, so I am always on the lookout for new tools which quite honestly, does it all, and that will make my job easier.

So when Gerber asked me if I would like to review the new Centre-Drive multi -tool, I thought yes, I would love to put it to the test!

My initial thoughts when I held the Centre-Drive, was wow! This is an awesome bit of kit. It is total quality and I was hoping that when I started to use that it would live up to my initial thoughts.

First of all let me tell you all about the tools that are incorporated on the Centre-Drive.

Needlenose Pliers

Magnetic 1/4″ Bit Driver

Serrated Blade

Fine Edge Blade

Regular Pliers

Pry Bar


Ruler (stamped into handle)

Philips and Flat Head Bits

Bottle Opener

Now that is a serious amount of tools incorporated in just one tool, but what makes the Centre-Drive a cut above the competition? I will tell you.

Three key factors that makes the innovative Centre-Drive special is its robustness, and in a tool to tool showdown, well, quite honestly there is no contest. The Centre-Drive is made for real challenges of today. The multi-tool has had a reality check and Gerber is leading the field by a long way.

What makes the Gerber Centre-Drive so unique and so different to everything else on the market is down to three key attributes.

It has a centre axis driver which aligns exactly like a real screw driver. This enables maximum torque and rotation.

The sliding jaws open up with just your thumb in a very slick movement.

The outboard blade is 30% longer than the average blades.

The Centre-Drive is the perfect tool for just about everybody. If you are tradesman in the building industry it’s perfect to have on you for all the different jobs you come across.

The other day I was decorating a bedroom and I had to take down a curtain rail. I got out my Centre-Drive, put the magnetic Phillips head in place and it was perfect to remove the screws. There were also some nails that needed removing from the skirting board, easy just get out the nail puller! I also hung some lining paper to one wall and I thought I would find out how sharp the blade was. It trimmed the paper perfectly. The advantage of all this is that it would have taken three tools to do all of that, but no! The Centre-Drive dealt with it all.

The Gerber Centre-Drive is the tool every DIY enthusiasts should have either on their belt or in their toolbox.

If you like camping, you should not leave home without the Centre-Drive. In fact I always carry mine when working, because you never know when you’ll need one of those most useful tools the Centre-Drive offers.

My overall view of the Gerber Centre-Drive, it’s awesome. It’s the most complete multi-tool I have ever owned. It’s a top of the range quality product which has been made to the highest quality and with the best materials.

Gerber have really thought what is needed in a multi-tool and have got it 100% right. It also comes in a nylon pouch that can go on your belt in either a horizontal or vertical position.

I would highly recommend the Gerber Centre-Drive as the multi-tool to own.

It can be purchased here for £124.99 (price correct at time of publishing) which is amazing value for such a stand out piece of kit. The price includes free delivery in the UK. You can also personalise your Centre-Drive with a laser engraving for just £2.99.

Check out my video showing the Gerber Centre-Drive and all its tools. You will be amazed, I guarantee it.

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