Giving Your Car That Extra Special Touch

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new car. After all, you have probably researched and hunted for the car that is perfect for you for a very long time. That probably involves going online checking specs of many different cars, making sure it’s the right size especially if you have a bunch of kids to drive around or it could be you are going to be the only one in the car for most of the time, which means that maybe you want something smaller or a bit sporty.

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This of course all takes time which will involve going online to find the best car dealer in your area, and then of course it’s time to visit the car dealers so you can give the shortlist of cars that you have chosen the all important test drive to help you decide on exactly which car you want to buy.

My 21 year old daughter has recently been going through exactly this situation. She has been driving for a little while and has bought herself a second hand car about 10 months ago. It has definitely suited a purpose and in all honesty it was all she could afford at the time, but it was a larger car than she would have liked and she found it difficult in certain circumstances such as parking.

My daughter bought the car just as she was finishing university so cost was an issue. She is now a qualified state registered nurse working in a large hospital and has been for the last seven months. As such the time has come to upgrade her car to a newer model and make that is more suitable, and because she works and lives away from her hometown, it definitely makes me happy that when she comes to visit I know she will have a reliable car to make the two and half hour drive. My biggest fear has always been that she is going to breakdown on the motorway. Thankfully that has never happened, but it is more likely in an older car and her previous car was beginning to give a few problems.

After a lot thought she found the perfect car in the Volkswagen Up. This is a two door car and very economical so hopefully it will reduce her petrol bills. It already has reduced her car tax bill.

I’m very proud of how she has finished her studies with flying colours, got herself a good job and now bought herself a new car.

My thoughts are now turning to how I can help make her new car special and give it a very personalised touch that will make it unique to her. That’s when I thought it was time to browse the Internet for some ideas for how to make my daughters car very unique and special to her.

That’s when I came across and I was instantly inspired. With her birthday fast approaching I thought I could maybe get my daughter her very own personalised number plate. It would be a perfect birthday present and it would enable me to show her how proud I am of her and all her achievements. It also means that she won’t lose her car because she will only have to look at her number plate and she’ll know she has the right car.

With so many of the same makes, models and the same colour of cars around at the same time, I couldn’t think of a better way to make my daughters car extra special than with a personalised number plate.

Have you got a personalised number plate? Or are you thinking of getting one? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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