Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Wonderful Truly Awesome Wife

It’s my wife’s birthday today, so happy birthday honey! That’s it! I really can’t think of anything else to write, haha, only joking!

Getting married to somebody younger than yourself means that you will always have somebody to push you around in a wheelchair! Of course we’ll grow old together, it’s just I’m going to get there first haha!

On a more serious note there is something very special about my wife and last year was a perfect example of how wonderful and important she is to me. As I have said in previous posts it has been a tough year for me health wise.

Throughout all of last year my wife was always there making sure I was ok, because there were days when I wasn’t ok, and my wife was there to lift my spirits with a hug or kiss to make me feel better and to make me feel I wasn’t alone battling my ill health. The concern you had when even if I coughed and you would immediately ask are you ok, it’s those little things that mean so much to me.

My wife has special qualities that I have rarely found in my life, but the day our eyes met and we started on our journey together was the day my life was completed. I had found the love of my life. The only person that takes me to a happy place that is full of love and kindness that you cannot put a price on. It can be look a smile or just simply saying I love you! It makes you feel all good inside and out. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to share my life with.

My wife is a wonderful mother to our twin girls, so much so that nothing is never too much trouble for her. My wife’s patience is something to behold.

My wife is loyal and once you have gained her trust and friendship she will never let you down.

My wife is to me the perfect woman to share all my highs and lows of everyday life with.

So today on your birthday I just want to tell you, thank you for looking after me for the last year, making me smile, making me laugh, but most importantly thank you for loving me with all your heart, because guess what? I love you with all my heart too, and you truly are beautiful and wonderful and I feel blessed to be a part of your life.

Oh! Yes and I haven’t forgotten you cost me £51 in the fragrance shop a few days ago, but you are worth every penny! Loves you babe xx

Happy birthday! Love you so very much.

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