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I grew up in an era where the internet was actually not even in its infancy. In fact it actually didn’t even exist! That means when it came to having fun and playing games, it would always be something along the lines of board games, which of course you either played with your family or friends at home.

As a child I would always visit my grandmother on a Saturday afternoon and she would teach me all the card games like poker or blackjack. However, I was never very good at counting cards in poker, but my grandmother must have been very good because I never won, or at least I did, but only very occasionally. The chances are, I think she would let me win now and again so I wouldn’t become disheartened!

The world, of course has moved on since my childhood and now the fun that can be had online really is very exciting for the kids and adults alike.

If you are into gaming it’s good to know that just about all games nowadays can be played online. Of course this is very exciting, especially as you can now play your friends and not even have to leave the house. You can even chat to each other giving you a feeling that you are in the same room. This is very similar to when all my friends would come to my house and we would play a board game.

The internet has definitely changed the way we play games. Personally, I think this is awesome because you can do word games, solitaire and many more of all those favourites games that I remember as a child and nowadays it’s right there at my fingertips.

The generation that are growing up today are so lucky. The way online gaming is developing means there is actually no end to the possibilities and how the kids will be having fun and playing games online. It doesn’t seem like yesterday that if you wanted to go online to have fun playing games you would need a desktop computer,  which of course would be at home. The younger generation of today are in the most enviable position of being able to enjoy having fun playing games online whilst on the move, on either a smart phone, tablet or laptop, as technology is developing at an incredible speed. So often you can see younger people on the bus or train staring at their smart phone playing a game and having fun.

Do you play games online and have fun? I would love to hear your favourite games to play online.

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