It’s Time To Buy Some New Furniture For Our Home

Our twin girls turn seven years old very soon and looking around our home, it has become apparent that our furniture has started to look very worn out and tired. The dining room table, coffee table, sofa and sideboard have now been completely personalised by the girls with crayons, felt-tips and more paint than I care to mention.

The girls have now gone beyond that stage of the messier the activity the better, the more paint on the walls or furniture or everywhere else is definitely much more exciting than painting on a piece of paper. The toddler stage is definitely behind us, oh yes! Thank goodness for that. Well I’m hoping it is, but I could be proven wrong. Children definitely have a habit of surprising us. Haha!

We have decided that it is time to buy some new furniture for our home. Our plan is to buy furniture that is hard wearing and practical as we advance towards the teenage years at lightening speed.

We have a budget that we want to keep to so it’s important that we get the best deals we can, and the best place to start is online where you can find excellent value with a trade furniture company.

So here is a list of some of the furniture we want to replace over the next few months in our home, and I will live in hope that our girls treat our new furniture well.

1. Sofa

Our sofa has certainly been well used and after seven years of twins from birth it has lost its shape and it definitely has more stains than I care to mention. Time for a change, It’s definitely overdue.

We will be looking for a classic, simple look in fabric, and now the girls are older we will go for a lighter colour and will be getting a 3 and a 2 seater sofa with matching cushions.

2. Dining Room Table And Chairs

I can without hesitation say that if a craft activity has been thought of, it has been carried out on our dining room table. It’s fair to say that our dining room table has without question been battered and is well beyond any TLC to make it look better.

My wife and I are looking for a wood grain table in a light finish with matching chairs. Something that also extends out for when family or friends come over for dinner.

3. Sideboard And Coffee Table

One thing we have never had is matching occasional furniture so it’s definitely time we changed that. I will be looking for a sideboard, coffee table and television unit that all match, and I have to admit I have seen online a particular range of mango wood furniture that I love, especially in the lighter grain finish. There is every chance that we will also add a bookcase and matching mirror.

That is hopefully what furniture we will be replacing ours with over time and hopefully now that our girls are older, it will last a bit longer. I guess time will tell on that one.

So over the next few months we will be gradually giving our home a makeover and it’s really not before time with some new furniture. It’s an exciting time as we start planning what to buy first and how it will fit into our home. I can’t wait to get started.

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