Making Your Home More Secure With The Yale All-in-One Security Camera #AD

Feeling secure in your home is so important, especially for me because I have seven year old twins. The thought of somebody attempting to break into our home is without doubt something that can give you a very uneasy feeling.

A few weeks ago my wife went out the back garden early one morning and found our shower room window had been smashed from outside. It was a very unnerving feeling to think that somebody was in our back garden in the dead of night while we slept. attempting to break in. It also made me think very hard about how we can make our home more secure.

At around the same time, purely by chance, Yale contacted me and asked if I was interested in reviewing the Yale All-in-One Outdoor Security Camera. It could not have come at a more timely moment, and of course I instantly said yes please!

Yale is synonymous with locks and security in the UK and I knew that their outdoor camera would be a quality bit of tech, and more importantly it would help me make our home more secure for the family. It would also enable me to keep an eye on everything outside while we slept in our beds, or while we were not at home.

I have always loved tech for the home and the Yale Smart Living All-in-One Outdoor Camera is a very smart piece of security and a lot more.

What the Yale All-in-One Outdoor Camera Does

The new Yale All-in-One Camera will detect, view, and light up the area it’s monitoring. It also allows users to talk and listen to visitors. It’s the perfect full security camera and intercom all in one unit which can be viewed from your smart phone on the Yale App.

Key Features

  • In App Control – This is where you set up your camera via the Yale view app and this is also your control centre for the camera.
  • Built-in Spotlight – The security light can be set to either on or off, or you can set it to motion detection which is what I would recommend. The brightness can also be adjusted to make sure it lights the entire area up should an intruder enter the area being covered by the All-in-One Camera.
  • Two Way Talk – If you fit the camera above your front door it has the facility for two way talking. This means you can communicate with visitors. This is perfect to check that those who arrive at your front door are there for a legitimate reason.
  • No Monthly Fees – There are no monthly fees and everything can be accessed via the app including a live action feed
  • Siren Alarm – This is perfect for getting rid of unwanted visitors or anybody acting suspiciously, which can be activated via the Yale View App which keeps you in full control.
  • Motion Detection Alerts – You’ll be alerted via the app on your smart phone if somebody is at your door or has entered your property. You can also add an SD card (not included) to record any suspicious moments or unwelcome visitors.
  • Image Masking – Ensure you only get alerted when a visitor enters a specific area in front of your camera
  • Weatherproof – The camera is made and designed to be used outdoors and is fully weatherproof and waterproof. It’s fitted using an integrated bracket, but can also be used as a free standing indoor camera. The camera is also Full HD 1080p and can be used with the Amazon Alexa.

Installing the Yale All-in-One Camera

Fitting your Yale All-in-One outdoor camera is incredibly simple once you have decided on where you want the security camera. All you have to do is fix the integrated bracket with the screws and raw plugs that are supplied with the camera. It really is that simple!

Then you simply attach the camera and plug it in! You can see me fitting the camera in the video below.


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#smartliving @yalesecurity a quick guide to fitting and using the Yale All-in-One Outdoor Camera

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The Yale all-in-one outdoor camera is a fantastic piece of tech that protects your home and keeps your family safe. It’s simple to use and can be operated and controlled all from your smart phone via the Yale View App.

This is a live feed picture from the camera.

You will need a wi-fi modem in your home and the Yale View App can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

It currently costs £119.99 and can be purchased here. (Price correct at time of publication).

The Yale all-in-one outdoor camera is fantastic value and I would highly recommend it for your home. Peace of mind is so important and the Yale All-in-One Outdoor Camera will give you exactly that.

This is a paid collaboration with Yale Smart Living. I was also gifted the All-in-One outdoor camera for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

16 thoughts on “Making Your Home More Secure With The Yale All-in-One Security Camera #AD

  1. Hi Nigel looks great. I bought a cheap cam a while back and the app was terrible and it kept losing connection. How was the signal on this one?

    Also how did you power it? Was it an electrician needed or could you plug it in internally.

    Keep safe 😁

  2. That looks a nice bit of tech. I’ve dabbled with home cameras but never left anything in place. I did once have one to catch some dirty buggers using a lane at the side of our house for something you don’t want your kids seeing. There’s a funny (and painful) story there – may be a blog post in the making!

  3. How scary, Emily finding the window like that! I definitely think outdoor cameras are required in this day and age. I’m hoping we can set some cameras up on our home soon as it is a real worry. This one looks great! #ThatFridayLinky

  4. I am thinking we really need something like this as there has been so much trouble in our area lately. It seems reasonable priced too.

  5. Ah, sorry to hear about the shower room window. We installed a similar system and upped the amount of in-home security after someone tried to break into our house while we were asleep inside, something that shock the kids up a lot. Loving the look of this camera.

  6. I am going to tell my hubby about this as I am positive he will be interested. There have been a lot of break-ins in our locality recently too and it is very scary. My mum is obsessed with fitting more locks to all her doors and windows and now my husband has the same idea. Thanks for the review, very helpful! #thatfridaylinky

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