My Mum Has Reached A Milestone. She Is 90 Years Old Today

Today is my mum’s 90th birthday. What a milestone to reach! To live to 90 years of age! It’s actually quite hard to visualise somebody that has lived 90 years and has seen all the changes the world has gone through.

My mum has lived through the Second World War, has seen television and the telephone invented, and seen the world change beyond what she would remember as a child.

I wondered if life was simpler when she was a child with no internet, no social media etc, that would have been simpler that’s for sure, but how would we cope with rationing of food which is something my mum lived with for years. Every generation has it’s problems including the past and the present generation.

So my mum is 90 years old today. I have definitely had my ups and downs with my mum over the years, but as I have got older I now realise that through all her failings at times during my children, she only ever wanted the best for me.

My mum had me late in life and I feel so lucky that she has been in my life for so long because when you have children late there is a danger that you won’t be in your children’s lives as long as you would like to be.

Through some of the dark times of my life my mum stood there shoulder to shoulder with me by my side loving me and willing me on and always trying to show the positives of life. She’s been a rock in my life when I needed it most.

In life you have one mother and we should never forget that we are not perfect, but when that person is no longer in your life you will regret that you didn’t make a bigger effort to make it work.

My mum’s life has seven people in that are at the centre of her universe, and tomorrow we will all be there to celebrate her 90th birthday.

My mum will never read this because she doesn’t have the internet, but I wanted to say I love you so very much and thank you for everything you have given me in life, especially your unfailing love.

Happy birthday Mum! I love you xxx

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