My Wife Is Seriously Awesome And I Love Her: The London Marathon 2019

Approximately 18 months ago my wife, Emily, decided to take up running. She felt she was not as fit as she would like to be, and as a teenager she enjoyed running so it seemed a natural thing to do to take up running again.

I clearly remember her going on those first few runs of just 1k. She would come back feeling knackered, and I imagine it would have been so easy to just stop as it’s far too much effort, but no, my wife is made of much stronger stuff than that.

My wife gradually built up her running distance which showed her determination and dedication. This all culminated in her running a half marathon just seven months later. I have to admit I was surprised, but immensely proud of the effort and hard work she had put into her running. My wife completed the half marathon in 2 hours 29 minutes, and that was incredible because she was carrying an injury which also played havoc with her training schedule. So a truly awe inspiring achievement. She is due to run the same half marathon again this year with my 20 year old daughter, so good luck with that.

Nowadays, for my wife to run 5k or 10k for her training sessions really is not a problem, so I was wondering what would be her next goal be? Well, that was to be answered last month.

We were all watching the London marathon and she announced that one day she would like to run it. My initial thought was my goodness that’s a long way, but I knew that her once her mind is set, and she is motivated to do something, nothing will stand in her way, and literally within days of her decision to enter the London marathon she had put her name on the ballot list. This is where the hard bit is. There is only a 4% chance of getting a place via the ballot, but there are other ways.

To secure a place in the London Marathon you can go down the charity route. My wife contacted a few charities, but received no reply. A friend mentioned to my wife one particular charity called WellChild, so she emailed them and within 30 minutes they replied to say they would love her to run for the charity at the London Marathon 2019.

Of course there are a number of conditions, the most important being that she has to raise £1,600. This is where my wife leaves me in awe of her.

My wife, Emily, instantly moved into action with fundraising ideas which range from holding a magic show for children during half term to placing charity boxes in shops or standing in supermarkets with a collection bucket for the day. This is truly something I admire. The tenacity to succeed and simply achieve your goals.

WellChild is the national charity for sick children. They try to get sick children and young adults out of hospital and back home, a truly marvellous mission. You can read all about WellChild Here

My wife is somebody that believes nothing is impossible, if you really want something you can have it with hard work and dedication, a rare quality in today’s world. It’s also a wonderful life lesson she is teaching our children. Believe in your dreams and make them come true. That really has to be her motto.

I would love you to help out and if you can donate to such a worthy cause and also get my wife to fulfill her dream of running the London Marathon. DONATE HERE.

On a personal note I admire and respect the drive and ambition my wife has, it’s truly awesome. I love you so very much and your twin daughters and myself will be there cheering you on all the way.

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