OMG! My Twin Girls Will Be In Juniors Next School Year

It really is hard sometimes to accept how quickly time goes, and the speed that it moves which I compare to the speed of light.

I imagine many of us say it doesn’t feel like yesterday that their children were starting nursery for half days and then all of a sudden they’re starting junior school.

The truth is, for me it really doesn’t seem feel like yesterday that they were babes in arms and now they are little girls that are finding their way in the world, sometimes with a smile or a scowl or occasionally with bit of attitude, but overall our seven year old twin girls are wonderful to be around.

The world has yet to tarnish or distort their minds and the smart phone or social media has not become an obsession. There will be time for that I’m sure and it will make the latter years of junior school a challenge for their mum and myself, but we will cross that bridge when it arrives. In the meantime it is just wonderful watching the innocence of childhood and long may it reign in our home.

Last week we went to their year 2 assembly which was the curtain call on their infant school adventure. When I think back to their assembly in reception the difference in their confidence is incredible. They are no longer those shy little girls that are frightened of their own shadows. They’re confident, self-assured and not in the slightest bit fazed by approximately 120 parents staring at them. I genuinely am not sure if I could do that with all those people staring at me, but they just get on with it as if they were seasoned professionals.

The school the girls go to is their catchment area school and I believe we have been lucky that the school embraces family and encourages learning through play.

They have a laid back approach to just about everything which in my opinion allows children to develop at their own rate without pressure. Their SATS were a great example of this where the exams were taken in the classroom and in a relaxed atmosphere. In fact, the girls didn’t even know they had taken their SATs. That is a sign of a school that cares about its pupils above all else.

So in just a couple of months my twin girls will move up to juniors and yes, it makes me emotional because I don’t want them to grow up so quickly. I can’t believe that the time is going so very quickly, but they will be fine. That I know because the school they go to, along with us as parents are preparing them perfectly for their future.

Do you get emotional at the thought of children moving up a year at school? My twin girls will be in juniors next year and that is super scary! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “OMG! My Twin Girls Will Be In Juniors Next School Year

  1. I’m with you on this one Nige. Our eldest starts Reception this September and it’s all my wife can do to hold to together at the thought! Where does the time go indeed! I’m sure, like you, it’ll feel like no time and our youngest will be starting school and there will be milestone after milestone…but please, can’t they stay this age forever, pretty please…..#ThatFridayLinky

  2. Time really do go by in the blink of an eye!
    It’s okay to lament the passing of time, but remember that we all grow and age. Watching kids grow up can be so painful for parents but I try and balance that with the pride I feel at their achievement as they grow. It always looks to me like you and Emily do a bloody fine job and your girls are a credit to you both.
    Our eldest goes into year 11 in September – her GCSE year! That’s scary as hell. Our youngest goes into year 5, second born starts her GCSEs in year 10, 3rd born goes into her final year in primary. And suddenly you realise your babies aren’t babies anymore.

  3. My eldest is starting Reception in September and while my heart aches a little at the prospect of her growing up and starting this school experience, I am extremely happy and excited for her. She has been ready to start for a long time now and seeing her face light up at the thought of going to school every day makes me not emotional at all. When it is my youngest turn in a year it might be a whole other story. 🙂

  4. My son is also moving up to Juniors next year and I am definitely feeling a little emotional about it unlike him. He is taking it in his stride. His year group performed a fantastic little concert at the end of term including When I Grow Up from Matilda which was very apt! #ThatFridayLinky

  5. Nige, I am a mess! My little and big will be in 3rd and 6th grade next year. 6th grade marks a big graduation and we search for a new school for 7th and up — how can that be? She was just in kindergarten. I feel you on this one in a big way! #thatfridaylinky xo

  6. Our oldest starts reception in September and I can’t believe it. She’s excited about it and I know she’s ready for school, but I still feel very emotional about it all. I just want her to stay 4 forever. #thatfridaylinky

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