Our Children Are Being Influenced everywhere.

Our four year old twin girls really are so very different and as they grow up it is becoming even more obvious.

They are not identical twins, but they do at times look exactly like each other. Thankfully R is a little bit taller so they can never catch us out or play games on us!
They have the same DNA in relation that they have the same parents so why the difference in personality and character?


I have no idea, but what I do know is society is trying in a very subtle way to brainwash our children with gender stereotyping and this can be found if you look closely in every walk of life. With my four year old twins I have no problem with them having outside influences as long as the influence is fair and not biased. Unfortunately the case is so often biased. Freedom of choice is a human right no matter what your age.
A great example of how so very different they are was the other afternoon M wanted to watch Barbie princess charm school on Netflix and this film really took gender sterotyping to a whole new level for me! On the one side they were trying to make the princesses strong women with dreams of being different and making a difference in the world, but then they destroy the whole idea with a scene that actually my four year old twin pointed out to me it was so subtle that I didn’t even notice it.The men stood on a blue line and the women stood on a pink line. R asked me why can’t the princesses stand on the blue line and of course I replied well they can. Which she seemed to accept, but in her mind was confusion. Why? Well blue is her favourite colour and she cannot see why only boys used the blue line. Yet again films and the media are contributing to the gender myth that it’s ok to dictate that girls only like pink and boys only like blue, but in a very subconscious way, but already my four year old is very aware of these underhand tactics of gender stereotyping.

I have no issue with the girls watching barbie or loving the colour pink. If they enjoy barbie films that’s fine as it is ok if boys want to watch barbie too, but the subtle moves by filmmakers is disgusting and very underhanded.

Society is really teaching our children all the wrong values about how as a girl or boy we should behave, it’s utter nonsense! So let our children be children and chose their own preferences whatever they may be.


Of course the media or more specifically the television can ocassionaly make errors. I was watching that thought provoking show, Lorraine, the other morning! Her guest was Ellen DeGeneres. What Lorraine said next staggered me.She pointed out to Ellen that it could be a woman prime minster here and made reference to the leader in Scotland being a woman. It was said in such a way that she seemed surprised that women were holding down such important office roles.

What sort of message is this sending out to our daughters? That they are not intelligent, driven or motivated enough to want such important jobs? I have four daughters and I have always told them the sky’s the limit. They can be whatever they want to be and nothing, most of all society shouldn’t and won’t hold them back. Luckily for Lorraine, Ellen dug her out of a hole by saying that gender shouldn’t stop anybody from doing what they want. If they are qualified and capable then you give the job to the best person.

As for Lorraine, maybe she shouldn’t talk about such subjects on a show which after all is just dustbin television. Once it’s been aired it can be forgotten instantly. What the comment said was demeaning to women that they couldn’t possibly be able to do such important jobs.

It seems to me that all sorts of media and society is determined to gender stereotype at all costs. I see it on a daily basis and it really irritates me!
Would love to know what you think!

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