Our Holiday To Disneyland Paris 2018 Day 1

We have recently returned from our annual holiday and for the second year in a row we decided to go to Disneyland Paris. The difference this year is that we decided to stay for seven days against just four days last year. One of the main reasons for that was hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of a rush trying to cram everything in, because believe you me there is so much to do in Disneyland Paris.

We did as we did last year and stayed overnight at a hotel for one night prior to going to the Disneyland hotel. I would highly recommend doing this as it means you don’t miss out on half of the first day due to travelling and booking into your hotel. More time to have fun at the parks.

The front entrance to the DisneyLand Hotel

Day 1

On arrival at our hotel and this may sound strange, but I felt I had come home to the Disneyland hotel. I instantly felt comfortable and it really is a stunning hotel and just quite simply puts you into the Disney mode. Yes it may be a bit more expensive, but it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

Our arrival was perfect timing as Disneyland Paris has just launched the Marvel summer Of Superheroes. So first on the agenda was arranging a meet and greet with the awesome Captain America. Disneyland Paris now use an app called Lineberty. I think this is a brilliant idea to cut down on queues. You have to be on it at 9.45am to book your meet and greets, but be quick as the meets go very quickly.

Captain America, well, I have to say was fantastic! He chatted to the girls for ages and really made a fuss of them which of course they loved. It was for me another magical moment created at Disneyland Paris. They believe and that truly is the magic of Disney. My only reservation was I think my wife was beginning to fall in love Captain America! Noo! I know she had definitely taken a shine to him! Haha!

I think somebody is smitten Haha!

Later on that day we were also booked in for a meet and greet with Mr & Mrs Incredible, and yes they were incredible! The girls again were in awe of them and again nothing was too much trouble. Photos and autographs were all done with a big smile.

Our other big meet of the day was Darth Vader. Now R loves Star Wars so she was all dressed up as Darth Vader and yes she looked the part no doubt there. M on the other hand was in her Rey outfit, and unfortunately as Darth Vader turned he flicked his cape at M, which sadly reduced her tears and she refused to go in the same room as Darth Vader! She did eventually, but stood well back. Well, this is what happens when you dress up as Darth Vader’s arch enemy!

Oh! Loving my mini Darth Vader

They also have a shop under the castle where you can have a glass wand made and the girls got to pick different crystals to go in their wands, and the crystals all have a different meaning. It’s a beautiful idea and lovely keepsake for the girls.

We went for lunch at Walt’s which is a super restaurant and delicious food.

In the evening we went to Buffalo Bills Wild West show which is fantastic entertainment for all the family and the girls love the audience involvement in the show.

One of the biggest highlights for me on any visit to Disneyland Paris is the illuminations in the evening and we went on our first night and we were not disappointed.

As we were leaving the park returning to our hotel Mickey was there saying goodbye by the clock. I have to admit I love watching the girls wave goodnight to Mickey Mouse!

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