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Bedtime story in our home is a very important part of the day and our twin girls love having a story read to them by their mum. Recently I was sent four picture books from the publisher Curious Fox.

HERBIE’S BIG ADVENTURE by Jennie Poh is a story of a loveable hedgehog going out into the big world to gain his independence. The story is brought to life with the brilliant illustrations which are also by the author Jennie Poh. 
The girls and I loved the little nervous hedgehog who summons all his courage up to go on his first foraging trip for food all by himself. 
We follow the hedgehog from his baby years, watching him grow and explore the world around him.
The book was a joy to read and flowed well. The story was easy for the girls to follow and overall we loved it! This book publishes on 25th August 2016.



TOO MANY CARROTS by Katy Hudson is a fantastic picture story all about sharing. Much like the above book, the illustrations are also by the author.


This book follows Rabbit who has too many carrots. So much so that he has no room in his hole to sleep therefore he’s forced to find a different home.
Rabbit visits tortoise to see if he can share his home which is his shell. It’s a bit of a squeeze and inevitably the tortoises shell breaks after he and the rabbit take a tumble.
Rabbit visits some of his other friends and to the same fate. They all lose their homes because of Rabbit and all of his carrots.
In the end the only person left with a home is Rabbit. He feels bad so decided to share his home, and his carrots with his friends.
This is a delightful story that had both R and M giggling throughout!



SQUIRREL ME TIMBERS by Louise Pigott is a hilarious story about a pirate squirrel on the trail of a treasure map to find one hundred thousand nuts! 
This book was lots of fun to read! The rhyming language and delightful pictures held the girls attentions! The page pictured below actually made me laugh out too! Especial this line ‘My bum’s full of bristles!’
R and M really enjoyed following the pirate squirrels journey to find the treasure of nuts!


THE NIGHT THE STARS WENT OUT is the debut picture book by Manchester-based author/illustrator, Suz Hughes.
This is a very sweet book which is set in space. It is the story of Alien, the star controller for the entire galaxy (which is a big job for a very little alien). When the stars go out one night, Alien faces the biggest problem of his life. Will he be able to fix the stars? 


The Alien needs to travel to Earth to get some magic star varnish so he puts on his human disguise! When he arrived on Earth he’s surprised to find that he floats! 
After getting stuck in a tree and being rescued by a boy and his dog, they develop a beautiful friendship and discover that happiness is what makes the stars shine.
The girls really enjoyed this book and when the stars started to shine again, R held her arms in the air in celebration!
This book publishes on 6.


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