Pitch Perfect Grass Cutting With The Flymo Ultra Glide Hover Mower AD

When you have seven year old twin girls that love football you have to make sure the lawn in your back garden is pitch perfect for them to play a game of football.

Let’s be fair, one day they could play football for Wales, and of course Wales play their games at the Principality Stadium where the grass is immaculate so if they were lucky enough to play for Wales at the Principality Stadium I would like them to remember when they were stepping out in our back garden when they were little playing football.

So when I was recently asked to team up with Flymo to test out and review their Flymo Ultra Guide I jumped at the chance. It’s their most advanced Flymo hover mower with a DuoTech System. Some key points of this mower by Flymo is that it collects more grass, cuts closer to the edges, gives a better finish and makes mowing quicker and easier than ever before, and that is just the start.

So let’s talk about some of the key points that make the Flymo Ultra guide so special.

1. Cuts close to walls, fences and over edges.

2. Single lever adjustment of the cutting heights, which offers four heights from 13mm-32mm.

3. Large 30 litre grassbox- which makes it easy to remove and empty.

4. Spring assisted Always Ready handle.

5. Easy to carry and folds compact for easy storage.

6. Front wheels for easy transportation.

What is DUOTECH? The Ultimate Vacuum Collection

1. Powerful vacuum that lifts and straightens uncut grass.

2. Grass is neatly cut and propelled off the tip of the blade up the chute into the grassbox.

3. Grass is packed into large capacity grassbox.

4. Light and easy to use floats on a cushion of air.

Now it’s time try out the Flymo Ultra Glide. My lawn is definitely in need of de-weeding in particular there are far too many daisies haha! All the same the Flymo Ultra Glide did exactly what it said it would. It moved over the lawn very easily and with different heights of cutting it was excellent to get a nice short cut. The speed at which I cut the lawn was excellent and took me approximately 15 minutes which is very good considering the size of the lawn.

The grass catcher lived up to its claim and compacted the grass into it without the need to empty it constantly. In fact I didn’t need to empty it until almost the end, which means for next time I know there will be plenty of room for all the grass cuttings, and will probably only require one empty of the grass catcher which will be when I’m finished.

Overall this Flymo is an excellent quality Hover Mower that does exactly what it says it will do. it went up to the edges really well and actually if I was looking for a fault I can’t find one. It’s easily the best mower I have used to cut the grass by far. 10/10 for me.

Check out my IGTV video of mowing my lawn below.

The Flymo is available online and at high street stores at a cost of £149.99 (price correct at time of publication) fantastic value for money and I would highly recommend the Flymo Ultra Glide hover mower. Check out Flymo’s website right here for there complete range of lawnmowers.

There is only one thing left for me to do now and that’s to get the weeds out of the grass and get some lawn feed down, and of course start playing football with my twin girls.

The post is in collaboration with Flymo and I was gifted a Flymo Ultra Glide.

All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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