Proud to be part of a new dad advice book

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook asking for dads to give advice to new dads that was going to be published in a new book called The New Dad’s Handbook.

To be honest I really forgot all about it and then just a few days ago I was tagged in a post on Facebook that they had chosen my advice as one of 11 tips to new dads. 

I was very honoured and incredibly flattered that they considered my advice worthy of being included. 
Since starting blogging about a year ago I have been staggered by the generosity of other bloggers in asking me to contribute. It is very satisfying that people are apparently enjoying what I’m writing.

When most people blog or write it’s as a hobby, myself included. Sometimes I wonder if I am just rambling on which I think I am sometimes. 
Being recognised as writing something of note is incredibly rewarding, but it makes blogging very worthwhile. 

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