R and M: My Twins Are 5 Years Old Today 

R and M are five years old today. My twin girls are really starting to grow up. It’s frightening just how quickly the last five years have gone.
It doesn’t seem like yesterday that we were bringing them home from Neo-natal after being born six weeks early and spending 27 days on a special care unit. I vividly remember picking up the car seats the girls were in and thinking the car seats probably weigh twice as much as the girls. 

Now OMG! They are five years old, in school full-time and developing so very quickly.

If they ever read this one day and I hope they do, I wanted them to know what I was feeling on their fifth birthday.

Being blessed with twin girls in your life really is something so magical. At times I sit in awe of them and how different yet how similar they are.

Everyday they never cease to put a smile on my face as they grow and develop and change. They are funny especially when they start to play their imaginary games together.

When they wake in the mornings they come into our bed and within seconds they have usually woken us up. Thanks for that girls!

I’ll remember that when you are teenagers and you don’t want to leave your bed! The usual thing they do nowadays is whisper to each other and then disappear to their bedroom only to come back fully dressed. Of course this is great except for the fact that’s it’s normally 6.30am haha! I just want to sleep!

I love the way you tell me the same joke 10 times while I’m sitting on the toilet R. I love the way you walk slowly head bowed when you can’t get your own way M, all the time smiling. 

I couldn’t imagine life without you two, you both put joy and happiness in my heart. The smiles and giggling you have at 6.30am never ceases to make me laugh. My love for you both is unconditional and unlimited as it for all my children. You will both have a little piece of my heart each forever. 

Happy Birthday R and . Have a fantastic day I love you both so very much, lots of love Dad xxxx 

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