Remembrance Sunday And My 6 Year Old Twin Daughters: My Sunday Photo

On Monday last week all the children at our daughters school were asked to bring rocks or pebbles into school. have to admit I had no idea why and true to form I completely forgot. I told the teacher we had forgotten and she said tomorrow would be fine to bring them in. By chance when I was walking back to my car to go to work I bumped into one of the other mums and mentioned if her daughter had taken a rock in and she replied yes, and she said I have some spares which I was welcome to. I quickly chose two rocks and raced back to the school with them!

For the rest of the week I was none the wiser as to what exactly the rocks were for. That was until after school on Friday. As we were leaving to go home, the girls pointed something out to me at the school gates. Turns out the school had done their very own memorial in memory of all the men and women who lost their lives during the many conflicts that the UK has been involved with over the years.

All through the week the girls had been asking me about my grandfather, their great-grandfather who had fought in the war. They wanted to know his name and how old he was when he went off to fight for his country. I had no idea why, but it all fell into place on Friday afternoon.

It is so easy to forget the first and second world wars as time starts to diminish the memory, as less and less of the people are alive today that fought in them. In my humble opinion it’s fantastic that the girls are learning about it in school and the importance and bearing it has on our lives today. It of course gave us something that we take for granted today, freedom, and we should all thank those brave men and women for allowing us today to have freedom.

The idea of rocks was for all the children to paint a poppy on a rock and then place it in memory of all the brave men and women who have either lost their lives or fought for our freedom. I think it’s brilliant that our primary school is teaching our young children why we live in a free country and to honour those that have made that possible.

Here is my Sunday Photo of the girls standing in front of the schools memorial for Remembrance Day.

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3 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday And My 6 Year Old Twin Daughters: My Sunday Photo

  1. Ah, Nigel, you have inspired me. I Shall be telling my kids the history of their ancestors and what they did in the war. Quite an amusing story for one of them. My great grandfather wrote to the War Office asking why one particular son hadn’t been called up. Needless to say, the result was a letter asking him to report for duty! Luckily he came back but obiviously many didn’t. And yes, I would laso probably have forgotten the rocks! That said, my daughters’ school has had the fences decorated with poppies made from plastic bottles by the kids.

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