Six Years Old: My Sunday Photo

Last weekend when the beast of the east dumped a huge amount of snow all around us, it just so happened to be the same weekend that our twin girls were having their birthday party. This was to be held at our home. The girls had actually asked about 20-25 of their friends to come. How were we going to fit them all in the house? Haha!

The snow, and snow drifts had left the roads impassable by car so anybody living too far away was going to be unlikely attend. As such we put out a message to see who, and how many would be able to attend the girls birthday party.

The response was positive and about 16 of their friends said yes, they would be there. This was fantastic news for the girls, because they could have their birthday party after all. Interestingly if we had hired a hall or play centre we would have definitely had to cancel the party, but no it was full steam ahead.

The party was great fun and in particular pass the parcel was the longest version I think I have ever played at a party, as we had wrapped 30 layers in the anticipation of at least 25 children playing, but we only had 16 so you can imagine how long the game took! This was followed by a few more party games and food, and it actually surprised me how easy it was to have a children’s party in the home.

My Sunday Photo this week is my beautiful six year old twin daughters all dressed up ready and waiting for their friends to arrive, and yet again it is fantastic to me how incredibly individual they are. Captain Hook and Ariel! You seriously couldn’t get more different. But who says twins should be the same? Not me that’s for sure. I will always encourage them to develop their own personality and character and just be themselves. I may be a little bit bias, but they are super cute.

I have linked my Sunday Photo to the brilliant My Sunday Photo which is run by Darren at Photalife

8 thoughts on “Six Years Old: My Sunday Photo

  1. Haha, reminds me of World Book Day where my two were Hermione Grainger and Floppy the Dog, both very different. Anyway, lovely shot and I can but imagine how that party went! Beautiful chaos I’m sure! #mysundayphoto

  2. I don’t think being multiples makes children any more alike than other siblings, certainly mine are all very different. I love how the character of your lovely twins shines through in their choice of outfit.

  3. Very sweet. So nice that they are encouraged to be individuals too! I remember I had two girls in my class who were always dressed the same and didn’t seem to have much choice about straying from that! #sundayphoto

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