Summer Is Here That Means Lots Of Gardening

Summer is now upon us. The next three or four months are hopefully the times when we spend lots of time in the garden. It’s that time of year when our seven year old twin girls spend hours playing in the garden on the trampoline, the swings, playing football or simply just making up games for hours on end. It really is so important to me that our girls spend as much time as possible outdoors and reduce the screen time to hopefully the minimum amount. Thankfully the girls love being outdoors but for that to happen you of course need to keep your garden in good order and that takes a lot work as we all know.

In the UK there is no doubt that we get a lot of rain and so often that can happen off and on throughout the summer. The big downside of sun and rain is everything in the garden grows much quicker, which means of course that you are cutting back bushes or tidying the borders. The biggest job of them all is mowing the lawns. This seems to be a never ending job in the summer.

I have often thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the amount of work that a garden needs in the summer and one way that I can do this is by laying artificial grass in my garden. It’s totally maintenance free and it will always look perfect and most importantly I won’t need to mow the lawn at least once a week. That sounds like heaven to me! It is the one job that I particularly dislike doing in my garden. It is a total chore.

There are of course many other things you can do such as having a patio. You can create a patio area that also becomes your BBQ area with some stylish seating and a table.

Another part of the garden that if you are not careful with and can overtake your garden is weeds. You can spend so much time weeding. A good way to reduce this is to reduce the size of your borders and maybe have more pots spread around the garden.

So we can enjoy our garden to its fullest during the summer I am always thinking of ways to make our garden more maintenance free.

Have you got any ideas how to make your garden more maintenance free so you can enjoy it to it’s fullest? I would love hear in the comments below.

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