Oh No! It’s One Of Those Texts Again

Last year in March 2017 I wrote a post called Oh No! A Text I Never Wanted To Read. The post was all about my eldest daughter texting me about possibly going to live in Australia. My heart sank instantly and I struggled to come to terms with the thought of one of my children living on the other side of the world. I have only gone and had another one of those texts. Since March of last year not a lot has been said about going to live in Australia until just a few days ago. Yes! The dread… [Read More]

Oh No! A Text I Never Wanted To Read 

On Sunday I received a text from my eldest daughter, J, who will be 22 years old later this year, asking me, do you know how visa’s work to go to Australia? I didn’t fancy a conversation via text, but I thought if I’m honest she was asking to maybe go on holiday there because she has been talking recently about holidays in general. So I rang her, but I also had an inkling that it might be about a work visa to possibly live in Australia. In my youth I moved to Australia and lived there for four years… [Read More]