Fatherhood: It’s Tough At Times

Being a dad is without a doubt one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of my life. When you are a dad to five children in a society like today you have to deal with so many more issues that simply didn’t exist when I was growing up. The more I look at the society of today the more frightened I become for my children. There is an almost sinister edge to people today and people have a selfish streak that is incredible. Is the generation of today turning into stress heads full of anxiety and heading towards bouts… [Read More]

Being Honest With Yourself Leads To Loving Yourself

During my life I have suffered from depression many times. Sometimes it’s lasted for years. My depression and mental health issues are something that I have learnt to deal with, sometimes successfully, other times not so successfully. Looking back at my life I have come to the conclusion that a lot of mental health problems have arisen and continued to hang around longer than they should have because of my inability to be honest with myself. Unfortunately when you are not honest with yourself it so often results in a bout of depression and despair that makes you feel as… [Read More]

Do You Need A Father As A Role Model When You Become A Dad?

The answer in a word is no. You don’t. However, my concern is that it is projected by society that we all need a father whilst growing up so that we have a role model to help us develop our skills as a father when that moment in life comes that a little one calls us dad. In my own childhood I grew up without the influence of a father in my life. Did it have any adverse effects when I became a father? None whatsoever that I can genuinely think of. In fact if anything it had some positive… [Read More]

When A Family May Need Counselling

We so often only think about individuals when we think about counselling, but if truth be known what could be going wrong in one family members life ultimately could be affecting all of the family. This is when family counselling is vital as it can ensure that everybody’s well being is being looked after. There are many things that can affect a family which can stem from one situation that just one family member could be going through. For example, the actions of just one family member can have far reaching implications across the entire family. Thankfully nowadays help is… [Read More]

Our London Marathon Weekend Marathon Day Has Arrived

The morning of the marathon had arrived. You can check out my IGTV video with my wife below.   View this post on Instagram   Pre-interview with the awesome Emily my Wife just hours before the London Marathon Go Girl! We all love you and are so proud of you. #londonmarathon2019 #running #runners #marathon A post shared by NIGEL: DIY DADDY #TWINDADDY (@diynige) on Apr 27, 2019 at 11:07pm PDT I’m not sure if she was nervous or was quietly confident. She definitely doesn’t give much away in the video hah! It was a very early start to the day… [Read More]

Daddy-Daughter Dates, That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Dads need to spend quality time with their daughters. I’m not just talking about being around while they are watching TV or doing their homework, but actually doing activities and visiting places together, and giving them your undivided attention so they feel special, valued, and loved. Happily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do this. A topic that my post goes into more detail on below. Afternoon tea Afternoon tea is such a big thing in the UK right now. In fact, you can hardly turn around for places that serve this meal that contains scones, sandwiches, and… [Read More]

Our London Marathon Weekend Part 2

So it was our second day in London for the Virgin London Marathon and to say it started just a bit early would be an understatement. The girls were awake and raring to go at 5am, and as big as our family room in the premier hotel was, it was very spacious I might add, there was still nowhere to hide haha! Like it or not, it was time to wake up, but breakfast didn’t start for another two hours and I was starving! Anyways! Eventually breakfast came around and we went down around 7.30am and had a first class… [Read More]

Our London Marathon Weekend Part 1

The weekend just gone, if you hadn’t noticed, was the weekend of the London Marathon and this year my wife, Emily took part in running the 26.2 mile course. Oh my goodness! I would struggle to run 26 metres without collapsing in a heap so huge respect from me that’s for sure. I’m in total awe of her. It was going to be a very full weekend. We arrived on the Friday and planned to leave Sunday night. This was also going to be the girls first proper visit to London so we were going to try and fit in… [Read More]