Teenagers On Holidays: Don’t Forget Your Mobile Phones, Tablets Or Laptops Really!

I have recently returned from a holiday in Menorca and one thing I noticed which without question seemed worse than I have ever seen before on a summer holiday, but interestingly was something I understood, and realise is that the younger generation of today live in a completely different world to the one that I grew up in, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing or at least I don’t think so.

The amount of teenagers on tablets and mobile phones in the lounges inside the hotel during the day and night was actually quite frightening and shocking. There were lines of teenagers with their heads buried in their tablet or mobile device, having zero conservation with whoever they were sitting with. As I have said I have no problem with that, it’s quite honestly the world we live in, and today technology rules certainly amongst a generation that don’t even know what life was like before the internet because it’s always been there.

There is a danger which I can see and as parents we possibly need to be more responsible, when it comes to the technological world of today. We need to interact with our children in a way that is slowly becoming outdated. It’s called conservation, having a chat around the dinner table, talk about each others day and just enjoy each others company, otherwise we could end up only talking to our kids via the internet.

The other thing that came to my mind whilst watching all these teenagers was that they had come on holiday as a family yet it appeared that they preferred to sit alone and be on social media.

I was on holiday with my wife and our six year old twin girls. Everything on our holiday revolved around us doing something as a family. Yes I know that at six years old they are basically still reliant on us for everything, but it did get me wondering in possibly just eight years or so, will that be my six year old twin girls sitting there with their heads buried in a laptop, tablet or mobile phone? I hope not, but is this the way the world is going?

Are we breeding a generation of anti-social kids that will find it difficult to communicate face to face, always needing a technological device in front of them to communicate? Maybe we should be saying to our kids, yes bring your mobile phones or tablets, but remember we are on holidays and it’s important to have time together as a family and have family fun because that is what a family holiday should be irrespective of your children’s ages.

Finding the balance especially when it comes to our children with the use of the internet and everything that is available today is so very difficult, but for me it’s vital to explain to our children that there is a world beyond the internet and family is a very important part of that.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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