The Sun Has Arrived Finally: My Sunday Photo

So finally the beast of the east has left us, and the skies have turned blue, and there is a strange yellow circle called the sun shining brightly, and quite honestly it feels like it’s been six months since we last saw the sun. No wait, it is six months since we last saw it, haha!

So yesterday we decided to meet up with family and visit our local park for a picnic and a day out for some fun.

Our local park is about a ten minute drive from where we live. It is fantastic to have a park of this size that is our local park, so close to home which boasts a huge lake, a very large playground and some fantastic peaceful long walks, and a chance to look for interesting wildlife while going for walks.

Our six year old twin girls had an amazing time. Neither of them had been on a boat before so it was decided very quickly that we all went on a boat on the lake which was fun, but exhausting for Mummy and daddy who had to do all the peddling!

The girls loved the experience, except for the moment when R’s cap came off and landed in the water! Thankfully the girls aunts was passing in her boat and picked it up to give it back. Thankfully this halted the impending melt-down that was looming when she realised we were going further away from her cap!

We then had a lovely picnic on the grass near all the swings and slides which the girls also loved playing on. The climbing frames are huge and the girls loved getting all the way to the top. We walked back through a wooded area where the girls got to grips with some tree climbing.

Finally what sunny day would not be complete without ice-cream? We sat on the promenade overlooking the lake eating our ice-creams to finish the perfect day out. Summer has arrived, so now please, sun stay bright and shining for months ahead! Can we please have sunny summer not a rainy one which the UK has a habit of delivering. Just in case you were wondering R and myself had raspberry ripple and M had blue bubblegum flavoured ice creams, and yes they were delicious.

I have linked up to My Sunday Photo . Hosted by the fantastic Darren of Photalife

6 thoughts on “The Sun Has Arrived Finally: My Sunday Photo

  1. I’m not sure in which of these two pics your kids look happiest Nigel! That sounds like a very impressive park you live near. Nothing like the ones around us! Well done on getting the hat back.

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