Twins Do Have Advantages: Here Is One Such Occasion

Becoming a father to twins is without a doubt a blessing. It’s really quite a magical experience. Yes, it was super tough when they were babies and the workload of being a parent is doubled, but you get through sometimes on a wing and prayer, making it up as you go along, but you managed.

You are without question in a state of total exhaustion as many parents are, even if they only have one child. Sleep deprivation is a constant reminder of having twins, and the funny thing is that doesn’t really change. I still feel knackered everyday and the girls are six years old.

There are numerous advantages of twins that I have discovered over the six years that I’ve been a twin dad, and all the not so wonderful milestones of your children growing up are out of the way at the same time teething only happens once. Well that has to be a benefit. Going through that and facing it with another sibling a few years later well, no thank you! Sleepless nights that never seem to end.

This leads me on to how having twins can have a very big advantage. The girls milk teeth are gradually falling out, although R has lost three baby teeth so far, and M has lost just one of her milk teeth.

About two weeks ago both of the girls had wobbly teeth at the same time, and R lost her tooth first. M’s was not as wobbly, but it was definitely close to coming out. My biggest fear was it coming out in school, and being lost, which would have been a nightmare, especially as it was her first tooth. However, I needn’t have worried because it fell out at home without M even noticing, and somehow it got lost.

Trying to find a child’s tooth, is, I can assure you a nightmare! We all had a good look, and it was nowhere to be found. What were we going to do?

I know I thought, lets use R’s tooth from the other day which I quickly retrieved from the bin! Yes, we had thrown it away. I then put it in the hallway while nobody was watching and called out to M “here is your tooth”! The smile on her face said it all! She had her tooth for the Tooth Fairy!

The advantages of having twins came into play perfectly! Everything happens at the same time, and the girls were none the wiser to what we had done, and M was very happy that the tooth fairy would leave her a pound for her tooth.

Afterwards I casually got the hoover out, and decided to hoover around, and hoped that I found the missing tooth before the girls did! Amazingly I did and I quickly made it disappear before the girls found out, or worse they found it.

This was one occasion where having twins was perfect to solve what could have been a massive problem. M had no idea it was her sisters tooth!

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