Unexpected Moments When I Needed Money Quickly

When you first get married and have bought or are renting your first home, there is a lot of expense and there is no doubt it’s very tough to balance the books. Sometimes I felt as though we were robbing Peter to pay Paul, and it always seemed forever until our next pay cheque. The consequences of this meant that I always found that within a week of payday, I’d run out of money.

Quite often the only solution back in the day was to ask mum or dad for a loan. Thankfully things have changed since then, and nowadays you can go online and get that all important quick loan from somebody like CashLady.com. It really is fantastic and it is so easy to apply quickly, and have the funds you need to help you until payday, and ultimately means that you don’t have to go cap in hand to mum or dad for one 100th time!

Over the years there have been a number of occasions when I could have done with a little loan to help me out.

On one particular occasion I remember being landed with a very high energy bill. The reason was simple. I didn’t have a clue that you had to give energy readings so after six months or so they came to take a reading, and it turned out that we owed a lot of money, and I simply didn’t have it. I was able to make an arrangement which took forever to sort out, but this would have been so much easier with a loan that I could have facilitated quickly.

On another occasion when my twin girls were born it was a huge financial strain. We had to be moved to a hospital many miles away which we ended up living at. The biggest strain financially was because I am self employed so I couldn’t work, and we all know what that means. No work, no money. A very simple equation. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the work. I had plenty of it, but due to my twin girls being in hospital I was not in the same city to do the work. It was a huge struggle and a loan would have eased the pressure of paying bills, and I would have been able to 100% concentrate on getting our girls home.

These are just a couple of examples of when a loan would have been perfect to help ease my finances, and help me through a difficult patch.

Have there been any times when you have struggle financially and looked towards getting a loan to ease the strain? I would love to hear.

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