Ways To Improve The Heating Efficiency In Your Home


Image Source: Pixabay

Older homes can often feel cold during the winter months, even when you have the heating cranked up. If you are sick of sitting in your house and having to have a blanket to stay warm, you may wish to consider improving the energy efficiency in your home. Articles you can find online will give you a lot of information on the areas of your home which can leak heat. Below, you will also find information on the many things that you can do to try and keep your home nice and warm during the winter months. 

Choose A Modern Heating System

Traditional wall hanging radiators are not very energy-efficient as a lot of heat is lost at the back of the radiator which ends up heating the wall, and they are also usually placed directly under windows. A much more energy-efficient system is to choose underfloor heating, which is not only cheaper to run, it also warms up the room quicker and does not cost a fortune. There are many different underfloor heating systems in the UK, and the two main choices are hot water and electric systems. If you already have an energy efficient boiler, then the hot water system may be the best choice for you, but it does also depend on the flooring in your home.


Image Source: Pixabay

Make Sure Your Home Is Adequately Insulated

You may also want to look at the insulation in your home and see if there are ways that you can improve on what you already have. You will want to ensure that you have the maximum cavity wall insulation, as well as loft insulation, which will help to stop the heat from leaking out of your home. 

Increasing the amount of insulation in your home will have a massive effect on how warm your house feels during the colder months, so it is something that is worthwhile doing. You may even be able to get a grant to help pay for this from your energy supplier. To know more about insulation and grants, a quick search on Google will lead you to articles offering a lot of helpful information.