What Kind of Professionals Can Beacon Resources Provide for My Company?

When you hire in highly specialised industries sectors, it can be unsettling to think of turning your job search over to a stranger. With Beacon Resources you’re working not with strangers, but with professionals dedicated to finding the talent you need with the traits you desire.

Finance and Accounting Staff

The majority of Beacon Resources’ hires are in finance and accounting, with placements for positions ranging from payroll specialists to senior treasury managers. Just a few potential hires include:

● Treasury Manager

● Accounting Manager

● Financial Analyst

● Cost Analyst

● Chief Financial Officer

● Tax Accountant

● Pricing Manager

While this is only a short list of possible positions Beacon is capable of filling, you can find a wide range of excellent candidates in diverse areas of finance and accounting. Beacon Resources works with you to build candidate profiles tailored to your company’s needs.

Mid-Level to Senior Management

The majority of candidates from Beacon Resources have at least 10 years of experience in roles that fully mature and develop their abilities to make them the top professionals in their fields. Whether hiring staff positions, sourcing middle management, or seeking top-level executives, you can count on sourcing the best candidates for all levels of Chicago finance jobs.

Interim, Interim-to-Hire, and Permanent Placement

Sometimes you may need short-term staff, or want to “try before you buy” with new hires — and sometimes you need that perfect candidate to step in and stay for the long haul. With placements to fill accounting manager jobs and multiple other jobs from Beacon Resources, you can find the ideal candidate for right now or for the long term by matching up with jobseeker profiles specifically suited for both temporary and permanent placements. To get in touch with Beacon Services, simplyfill out the contact form to get started discussing the next step in sourcing your new hires.

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