What A Year 2017

I have been writing my blog for three years and one month, and this year something changed that I still find difficult to get my head around. It has gone from what was purely a hobby, into a small, but relatively profitable business. I have to admit that even in my wildest dreams I never expected to earning a penny from my blog let alone some of the fantastic opportunities that I have received because of my blog this year. This year when it started, I didn’t really have any goals or ambitions for my blog, which in all honesty… [Read More]

It’s Been a Crazy Year On the Blog Achievements & Aims 

It really hard to imagine that 12 months ago I was a fairly anonymous dad blogger plodding away, writing about my kids and family with actually no real plan or aim where the blog was going to go. I’m actually not sure I was that bothered either. It was for me, an online diary for my children to read one day. In fact that is still my intention for my blog.  I’m not usually a person to brag about my achievements, but I thought this was a good opportunity to write down what I have achieved over the last 12… [Read More]