Brilliant Dad Feature. It’s Over

I have decided after debating with myself for what seems like ages to bring to end my weekly Brilliant Dad Feature. I am doing so with a very heavy heart because my blog is three years old this October and one of the most consistent themes throughout the life of my blog has been the brilliant dad feature. When I started the feature I genuinely believed it wouldn’t go past week 10. I was a new dad blogger and after all why would anybody take the time to answer six questions? Nobody knew me, so I was overwhelmed at how… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 125

This week the Brilliant Dad Feature is Mark. He’s married to Simone and he has two amazing kids, Grace and Thomas. He is also known in the social media world as Big Man in the Woods where he blogs and vlogs about his camping experiences and his family adventures. He is also a scout leader which is why he vlogs about camping related things. Thank you to Mark for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? I never talked about being a ‘Daddy’ as a kid like my daughter does right now – but in her… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 124

This week the Brilliant Dad Feature is James. He was born and bred in Dublin, but now lives in Berlin with his wife Olivia and his twins. James is a fantastic blogger and he explores the journey from infertility to parenthood. He trys to entertain parents and give tips about parenthood that he has learnt along the way. James blogs at Scantily Dad check it out you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to James for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? Yes. Coming from Ireland, big families are the norm. It wasn’t until I found… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 123

This Week the brilliant dad feature is Olly and he blogs over at, where He writes about parenting, family finance and ways to make and save money. He started his blog in 2016 and has recently been shortlisted as a finalist in the New Blog of the Year category for the SHOMO awards in London. Thank you to Olly for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? I have a love and hate relationship with time, being a teacher alongside my blogging means I measure time in academic years and they’ve started to fly by… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 122

This week our brilliant dad feature is Chris McGuire and he blogs at Out Of Depth Dad, which I recommend you check out. You won’t be disappointed. He is a writer and stay at home dad to his one year old son Sam, and he lives with his partner in Devon. His blog is called The Out of Depth Dad because he says he often feels like he is in over his head. Chris says it’s not easy this ‘Dad’ thing! How right he is! Thank you to Chris for taking part 1. Have you always wanted to be dad? I’ve… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 121

This weeks brilliant dad feature is Carl, a stay-at-home daddy of two daughters. Olivia who is almost three years old and Robyn who is 9 months old. He blogs as The Dadtastic Voyage. He also husband to his amazing wife Rachel. He only started his dad blog a little over a month ago. He started it as a place to share his experiences, learnings, failings and random thoughts about being a dad. This was partly to document their lives, partly to give a dad’s perspective on parenting, but mainly just to try and keep him out of trouble… His blog chronicles… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 120 

This week the Brilliant dad feature is Luis who blogs at Single Daddy Daycare. He is a 33 year old single co-parent with two children who are six and four years old. Outside of blogging, he works  in healthcare as an account manager for a private medical insurance firm. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, cooking, days out, golf, dining out and of course spending time with his children – which he is very passionate about. Thank you to Luis for taking part. 1. Have you always wanted to be a dad?  I knew ever since I was younger,… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 119 

This week our brilliant dad feature is Alan. He is co-owner of a sign making business in Newcastle upon Tyne. He is married to his wife Catherine and they have been married for 12 years now. They have added two beautiful girls to their family, Imogen and Abigail. They are 9 and 6 years old and and Alan says they’re full of too much energy. They began blogging on their family blog – Here Come The Hoopers in January 2016. It followed on from a realisation of a sudden ending. Alan’s father died of a heart attack in the September… [Read More]