Brilliant Dad Feature RETURNS! Week 126

The Brilliant Dad Feature has returned! It will be a fortnightly feature now whereas before it used to be a weekly feature. Many dads have asked me if I was going to ever do it again and so by demand here we go. It’s back!

First up is one of my absolutely favourite bloggers. It’s Han-Son who runs the fantastic DaddiLife, a parenting website for dads covering tips, advice and stories across health, things to do and lifestyle. DaddiLife is an awarding winning website and tackles tough subjects centred around fatherhood.

I’m very honoured and happy that Han-Son agreed to take part. Many thanks to Han -Son. Be sure to check out his website, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Have you always wanted to be a dad?

Yes, absolutely. From a young age I’ve always wanted to be a dad one day. I think a lot of it stemmed from my own childhood too. My parents got divorced when I was quite young. I think that stuck with me in a way that meant I had a real drive to be the kind of father I never experienced myself. A writer I’ve followed a lot, and someone who contributes a lot to DaddiLife too, Dr Peter West, has interviewed a number of dads for his books. He has always said that a great number of modern day dads have all expressed wanting to make up in their own fatherhood what they feel they didn’t have in their childhoods. I think there’s a lot of truth in that for me too.

2. How did you feel when your children were born?

A real sense of joy, elation, surprise, shock, and probably quite a few other emotions wrapped up all as one!

3. What have been your most rewarding experiences so far as a dad?

I’ve been amazed at what being a dad has meant for me. For me, I’ve got plenty of things I could say have been truly brilliant – first time he walked, ate solids etc, But for me it’s the little moments that I find really rewarding. That walk to school in the morning, that breakfast together, and reading together. I value those little moments so much more than I ever would have thought.

4. What are some of funniest moments to have happened to you as a dad?

Learning words. The pure humour that follows putting words totally out of context. Mine is starting to learn sentences and questions – so I get a lot of critical life questions like – ‘what is a fart, daddy?’ ‘Does it taste nice?’

5. Have there been any situations with your children that you have found difficult to cope with?

I’m a bit of a bug bear for good eating, and both myself and partner are massive foodies. So I probably struggle most with when they don’t eat, or don’t eat particularly well.

There are many a time where I wish I was a SAHD (Stay at home dad) too.

6. What are your dreams and hopes for your children

In a lot of ways the future for our children has never been more exciting, and also never more worrying.

One benefit of running DaddiLife is I get to see and hear a range of different dad perspectives. I am increasingly conscious of the future world of digital and the issues it can cause around our children. One area I’ve ben really pleased to create are guides like our e-Safety guide – to get dads more aware about what and how to empower their children with the right questions and confidence. If we can help more dads in these situations I’d be very happy.

From a personal point of view, my greatest wish for my son is to find his true happiness as he grows up and to be able to make a great and positive impact while doing it.

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