My Four Year Old Twin Girl, R, Always Puts A Smile On My Face

In just over five weeks time my twin girls will be five years old, and they are now in their second full term in primary school. I feel they have grown up so much since Christmas and their observational skills and memory are developing into very powerful tools. Ultimately our children mimic what we do and how we do it, but they also mimic what their older siblings do and on occasions dress that way too. A few days ago R pointed out to me that there was a hole in her jeans, and in fact she was in the… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 12

I haven’t done one of these for a while and the girls really do come out with some amazing things. I lose count, but here is a selection of different things they say and do. The older they get the funnier they are without a doubt.  1. M said she wanted a picture to colour in and I said well where will I get that from? M replied with, “On the website!”. My response was, “Where did you hear that?” M said, “I have an imagination!”  2. When the girls were going to bed R said to her mum, “I… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part11

I haven’t done a funny things the girls say or do post recently so I thought why not because they seem to be constantly doing something funny. 1. R was looking for a toy orangutan and was asking me, ‘where is the tangerine?!’ 2.  M was picking her nose so I said don’t do that and she replied with, ‘…but daddy fingers were made for picking frogs out of your nose!’ 3. R was having a poo and I asked have you finished yet. She replied, ‘Daddy I have a lot of poo. Leave me to poo in peace!’  4…. [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 10

I1. R and M were washing home grown carrots with their mum and R started kissing a little carrot. When asked why she said the carrot is so cute! 2. Mummy’s favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. M said I would like a belle dress and said to her mummy you can have a beast dress! 3. R has started to say well known phrases, but has changed them slightly instead of saying, ‘what on earth’ she says something and ends it with ‘earth’. She says ‘my life’ instead of ‘on my life’, and finally if her Mummy… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things. Part 9

1. I asked R what she was doing and she said I am going to the mountain and then she told M don’t you go or daddy will be on his own! 2. M said to her mummy there’s the moon mummy then she said I wish I could fly to say hello to Mr Moon! 3. While on holiday the girls loved slush puppy’s, but M renamed them fluffies! 4. I said to R have a drink as it was a hot day and she replied Daddy I haven’t got time for a drink! 5. While on holiday recently… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 8

1. R and M were having a snack on the sofa, which I might add is very rare! Their mother is passionate about not marking the sofas! M turned to R and said don’t get spots on the sofa or mummy will cry! 2. When my wife walked in the lounge R was on the sofa watching TV like this…! I think she’s been planning on living in Australia when she’s older! 3. M was picking her nose so I said what are you picking out. Quick as a flash she said a frog! That’s what fingers are for! 4…. [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 7

1. R was pretending to be on the phone and I was trying to ask her to do something and quick as a flash she replied with “Quiet! I’m on the phone!” 2. One Sunday we were all in our bed and R had a book and was trying to read it to us. We were all talking then in a teachers type voice she said, “Everybody quiet! I am going to read a story!” 3. While having lunch one day, M turned around and said, “I wish I had wings!”  4. One day whilst on the trampoline my wife… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things. Part 6

1. When we woke up one morning we were all in the same bed. I was going to work and my wife had planned to take the girls to the farm that day. My wife said to the girls, “Would you like to go the farm today?” R replied and said, “You enjoy the farm. I’m going back to sleep!” She then closed her eyes! 2. One morning when the girls were having a bath M asked her mum what’s that on your finger. My wife explained it was a wedding ring and that mummy and daddy were married forever… [Read More]