My journey to becoming a twin dad

I can remember the day that my wife did a pregnancy test so clearly. It’s like it was yesterday! Those two little pink lines appeared in a split second and my first thought was of twins! I don’t know why I thought it was twins, but it turns out I was right! Panic set in quickly! How would we cope? The pregnancy was fairly trouble free until about 30 weeks in, when we found out that Twin 2, M, had stopped growing. The next three to four weeks were some of the toughest of my life. I lost count of… [Read More]

Bosch IXO Screwdriver Video Review

The Bosch IXO screwdriver is a lightweight cordless screwdriver ideal for small jobs around the home and garden. It’s available to purchase on it’s own or with a range of accessories. In this video I’ve used it to make a child’s garden bench. This post includes amazon affiliate links

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 93

After our festive break we are back with my regular weekly Brilliant Dad Feature. To kick-off 2017 we have the awesome blogger Giles who blogs at the London based dad blog YOU THE DADDY. Giles is a first time dad giving a guy’s perspective on pregnancy, babies and parenthood.  You can follow his regular articles on everything from top tips on fatherhood and when your other half is pregnant and what to expect, plus great survival tips on pregnancy and parenthood.  Thank you very much to Giles for taking part.  1. Have you always wanted to be a dad? Coming… [Read More]

Stats and Charts. Really what is the Point?

I recently read a post by Tim Liew about his decision to leave the Tots 100 index. I would like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not because he is another of the more recognised bloggers to leave this index. All this got me thinking about stats and charts and top 10 lists. First of all I would like to say that this year I have been lucky enough to be named in a few top 10 lists and my stats are better than ever. Of course that has alerted big brands and larger PR companies, and enabled me to… [Read More]

When to Put Up Your Christmas Decorations 

Well according to my wife’s gospel, it is ok to put up the Christmas decorations on November 26th. This is really strange for me as it’s my birthday on the 29th and I honestly can’t remember ever celebrating my birthday with the house totally decked out in Christmas decorations! Hey, what’s going on! Have you forgotten it’s my birthday tomorrow?! It was very strange how it all happened. We went to the skate park because the twins R and M had been asking for weeks to go and the weather had been appalling, it seemed as the weekend came the… [Read More]

How Far Would You Go To Fulfill your Children’s Christmas lists?(Hatchimals)

Christmas brings out the child in me. It really is the best time of year, especially if you have small children.  Watching them slowly build in excitement actually makes me laugh with joy that they can believe so much in Father Christmas.  Writing their Christmas lists, posting them and then telling anybody that will listen to them!  Our girls make the effort to list everything they have asked for! There was one overriding request though, and that is the almost impossible to get, Hatchimal! As parents the last thing we want to see is a disappointed four year old on… [Read More]

Tips For A Family Visit To Sicily

Sicily with Children The Mediterranean island of Sicily is an outstanding place for a family holiday. From water parks to climbing the smouldering Mt. Etna, there are enough activities to keep your children busy for a week. The easiest way to find Sicily on a map is to think of it as the ball the boot of Italy is kicking. Finding it on a map is the easy part, getting there with as many kids as 5 can turn out to be the real challenge. It’s rarely enjoyable dealing with airports, flights and taxis as a couple, but put 5… [Read More]

Is School Changing My Twins.

My four year old twins have now been back in school two weeks. Since their half term break it has been a fascinating few weeks because there is a change happening that I didn’t expect.  The girls confidence is growing at an alarming rate. No longer do they stay holding hands with mummy and daddy being very shy and this was particularly obvious at a couple of parties they have been to in the last couple of weeks.  The twins have been invited to what I consider an incredible amount of their classmates birthday parties which actually staggers me because… [Read More]