Living In A Bursted Bubble

Over the last four years of blogging I have written on many occasions about my life and some of the very difficult experiences that I have encountered. This has been hard to deal with recently, especially as I have got a little older and I would like to say wiser, but sadly that’s probably not the case. I have become a little retrospective about my life and what I have achieved. In fact if I have achieved anything at all? I certainly have not made a difference in the world, but have I made a difference in my world? A… [Read More]

A Weekend Of Worry, A Little Sadness And Lots of Driving

The weekend that has just passed was a strange and long weekend for many reasons. Early Saturday morning my 21 year old daughter left her home city to embark on her life journey. It’s that moment when you really go out to conquer the world. In my post yesterday I wrote about how after three years of university she is now a qualified nurse, but with a tinge if sadness. She has secured her first job 150 miles away, but you have to let go eventually. The worry for me started at around 6.00am. She was driving to Southampton, which… [Read More]

I’ve Stopped Worrying What People Think Of Me!

With getting older there are some very negative aspects like not having the energy of a 20 year old, or feeling you can conquer anything because you are fearless. Sadly as you get older the body doesn’t quite do what it used to, and yes I now see the danger in situations that brings out the fear in me, and I will probably not do something just in case I end up hurting myself. When you are a twenty something, nothing stops you. In fact the more dangerous the better. There are some things that maturity and age brings that… [Read More]

Boys Don’t Cry. They Do!

We live in a world where we are constantly told that boys/men are now more in touch with their emotions, show their emotions more and are happy to cry in public. For me the truth is yes that may be the case in a small percentage of men, but whenever I see a magazine, something on television or social media, it’s all about big strong men protecting their women. Staying strong in the face of adversity or while the world is falling apart the man stays strong for the little lady and never shows emotion. They jut out their chiselled… [Read More]

I Think I’m Beginning To Enjoy Not Working

It has been about two and a half weeks since I last worked properly due to the health scare that I had which I have written about previously. It’s been quite a stressful time because over the last two weeks, I have done no work. My main activity of the day has been the school run. Boredom and feeling a bit brain dead would be an understatement! I had a doctors appointment last week, and was hoping the doctor would say it would be ok for me to return to work, but sadly not at the moment. Unfortunately because of… [Read More]

Preparing For Your First Clay Pigeon Shooting Trip

  Image by The Riders Tale via Flickr With animal conservation becoming increasingly popular, more people are turning to clay pigeon shooting to be able to experience shooting as a hobby. There is a lot of tradition to this popular past time, and there is an excellent article on various lifestyle blogs that will let you know what to expect from your first-time clay pigeon shooting. When you know what to expect, you will be able to prepare for the experience and make sure that you look the part also. Dressing The Part For Shooting The traditional dress for a… [Read More]

Sometimes The Toughest Decisions Can Bring The Most Happiness says

In my life I have been faced with some tough decisions. Usually those decisions have come about because I have been unhappy with my life in some way or another. In my late teens I went to Australia because my brother who was living there and he told me come out you will love it here, warm weather, beaches in abundance and just a better way of life. So I thought why not. I'm just 18 years old without a care in the world. That was where my big mistake was. I went out to Australia. I removed myself from… [Read More]

Garden Party Barbecue with Iceland: Video Special #Ad

Summer has arrived and for us that means it’s time to get the barbecue out, gather round family and friends and let the good times roll! I think there’s no better way to bring the whole family together than a good, traditional barbecue. Did you know that the UK is Europe’s leading BBQ nation, hosting over 130 million BBQ’s in 2016? Over the past couple of weeks we’ve already had two barbecues, so this will be our third this year and I’m sure we’ll have many more to come! Thankfully, Iceland are close by to give us a helping hand… [Read More]