Why I’m So Open About My Life Through My Blog?

I have often thought what makes a blog authentic, interesting and engaging, and I have always come to the same conclusion. It has to be real and relatable that connects with the reader, and you sometimes have to lay your heart and soul on the page, and very importantly be honest, especially if it’s a personal post about yourself that’s when you simply can’t hold back, say it as is it. At least that’s my humble opinion. As the title says why am I so open about my life on my blog? Well, there are a number of reasons why,… [Read More]

How Fake Is Social Media? Is It Having A Negative Effect On Society?

Nowadays, we are as a society, so influenced by everything that we see on social media or television. In my opinion it is convincing especially the teenage and younger generations that they should live like this, look like that etc and it’s all false, but it is portrayed in such a way that people think it’s normal, but how normal is it really? I personally don’t think it’s normal, in fact it’s totally fake. I recently tuned into one episode of Love Island. Now I totally understand how addictive a show like this can become, but the show for me… [Read More]

My Six Year Old Twins And Blogging They Are Noticing

Every morning when my twin girls get up I usually get up with them and they now just come in the lounge and turn on the television which they watch for about half an hour, I usually sit in the middle of them which gives me an opportunity to do some blogging setting up for the day, as well as share my post of the day on social media. While the girls are watching television. This particular morning I happened to be commenting on a well known dad bloggers post, who goes by the name of Dad Blog UK aka… [Read More]

My Blogging Dilemma Where Next?

I have been blogging for nearly four years nearly and it has become harder than ever this year to find the inspiration, desire and will at times to write. There could be a number of reasons why this is the case, and quite possibly some of it has to be put down to an amount of ill health that I have had this year. This has put my whole life into perspective, and I now realise that family is far more important than anything else. As such blogging has taken a back seat as I have made my recovery to… [Read More]

Blogging What Defines Success?

Blogging has in my opinion many different levels of success, and that success is different to each blogger, but as blogging has become a bigger and bigger industry many people are entering into the blogosphere believing that success is measured by how much money you can earn. Although I understand that can be the way it’s seen, it’s actually a massive misconception I believe. When starting a blog there is a lot more to it than people realise. Bloggers in my humble opinion can define success in so many different ways. You may very well blog as a hobby and… [Read More]

Blogging Your Way To Success

Being a successful blogger, whether it’s parenting, beauty, lifestyle or DIY is incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of effort and hard work. I have been fortunate to have met, in real-life and online, some of the most successful bloggers. Usually, I might add they are parenting bloggers and they all have a number things in common, so I thought I would give five tips that all of the successful bloggers have in common because if you read a selection of top bloggers you will find these qualities running through their blogs. Recently I interviewed six pro bloggers on my blog… [Read More]

Yes! Yes! I Have Won An Award: Working Dad Of The Year

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post about what I would like to possibly achieve with my blog. I don’t make any particular plans, but there was a number of things that I hoped I could build upon. Back in 2017 I was lucky enough to be named in the charts and there is no doubt I would like to achieve that in 2018. I was also a finalist in the Blogosphere annual awards, which sadly I did not win, but this gave me a taste of what it would it feel like to win an award…. [Read More]

Interviews With Some Of The UK’s Biggest Parenting Bloggers

I’m so excited about this new series that I have coming to my blog very soon. It has taken me about two months to put it together, but it has without a doubt been really worth every moment. It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, so it’s fantastic that it has finally come off. So, over the next few weeks I will be posting interviews that I have done with some of the UK’s biggest parent bloggers. I guess you could call them pro-bloggers, because the common denominator with all of them is that… [Read More]