Is Blogging/Vlogging And Social Media Really a Numbers Game?

I have been blogging for four years and in that time I have seen many bloggers, vloggers and social media guru’s rise to meteoric stardom in their chosen field of online activity. With this their following has grown to quite honestly a huge number, while I have floated along with my meagre following in comparison, but it begs the question how important are numbers and when it comes to your following when you are working with brands does it affect the fee you charge? I actually think I’m proof that it really doesn’t matter if you have 100k or 20k… [Read More]

The Importance Of SEO For My Blog

If someone told me when I first started blogging about just how much work was involved, I would have laughed, and been convinced that they’re lying. The truth is blogging is hugely time consuming. It all starts with writing a blog post. You hope it’s interesting and engaging, but even if it is well written and interesting that does not guarantee that it will be read. It takes a little bit more than that. One part of blogging that was actually quite difficult for me to understand and be able to use well was SEO. I had heard the expression… [Read More]

Wow! I’m A Finalist At Vuelio Blog Awards 2018

A few days ago DIY Daddy was named as a finalist in the annual Vuelio Blog Awards in the Daddy Blogs 2018 category. This genuinely came as a big shock to me, and by total chance I found out exactly four years to the day that I started my blog. Now that is a serious coincidence that I would not have thought possible. When you have poured your heart and soul into anything that we do in life to be recognised for the enormous effort and hard work is incredibly satisfying. It gives you belief and inspiration to carry on… [Read More]

Four Years Blogging. Have I Learnt Anything?

My fourth anniversary of blogging is upon me, and I have often wondered if I have learnt anything. I have obviously learnt how to blog, and I am reasonably good at WordPress nowadays, but I wonder if I have learnt any secrets to becoming a successful blogger. The honest answer is no. I have absolutely no idea what it takes to hopefully get people clicking on a post and reading it. For all of that, here are four things that I believe you have to do if you stand any chance of succeeding in the ever increasing blogging world. When… [Read More]

I’m Nigel (AKA Diy Daddy) And I’m Going To BlogOn 2018

Here are my answers to get to know me for BlogOn Xmas 2018. hope you enjoy reading them. 1. Share a photograph (a recent one so people can recognise you!). Here is is recent photograph of my six year twin girls and myself on our holiday in Menorca. 2. What is the best thing about blogging? The best part of blogging for me has always been being able to write and use it as a form of therapy to finally rid myself of the ghosts of my past. I have also had the honour to meet some truly wonderful people… [Read More]

Authenticity And Your Blog

I recently read a blog post written by David Shaul who writes a blog with his wife called David & Donetta. The post in question was called, How I Sold Out My Authentic Dad Blog. The post was about not writing many organic or authentic posts, and basically just making money from sponsored posts or link placements etc. I’m sure you get the idea. The post inspired me to write this because I think we are getting it wrong with authenticity. While reading it I had the overwhelming thought that bloggers are getting it wrong when it comes to being… [Read More]

Putting My Family First And My Blog Second. It’s About Time!

I have been blogging for almost four years, and it has at times become an all-consuming hobby that became a lot more, and actually became a major part of my earnings. In the four years I have been blogging I have published 1,800 blog posts and been named in many top ten charts including the Vuelio Dad bloggers chart three years on the trot and I have even won an award. All of that, believe me, takes hard work and enormous dedication, but it also made my family at times relegated to second place and that is unacceptable I now… [Read More]

Why I’m So Open About My Life Through My Blog?

I have often thought what makes a blog authentic, interesting and engaging, and I have always come to the same conclusion. It has to be real and relatable that connects with the reader, and you sometimes have to lay your heart and soul on the page, and very importantly be honest, especially if it’s a personal post about yourself that’s when you simply can’t hold back, say it as is it. At least that’s my humble opinion. As the title says why am I so open about my life on my blog? Well, there are a number of reasons why,… [Read More]