The Importance Of SEO For My Blog

If someone told me when I first started blogging about just how much work was involved, I would have laughed, and been convinced that they’re lying. The truth is blogging is hugely time consuming.

It all starts with writing a blog post. You hope it’s interesting and engaging, but even if it is well written and interesting that does not guarantee that it will be read. It takes a little bit more than that.

One part of blogging that was actually quite difficult for me to understand and be able to use well was SEO. I had heard the expression SEO on a number of occasions, but I admit I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about it.

I then set out to find out exactly what SEO stands for which is Search Engine Optimisation or Organic Search. Well that sounds very complicated. After a little research and an awful lot of googling I started to understand exactly what it was, and how important it is to your blog. So much so that now every blog post I publish, I try to get the best SEO for every post.

What does SEO actually do? Well let me tell you. With good SEO your aim is to achieve a process and improve the visibility and also maintain your website or Facebook page. This all happens within the organic or algorithmically determined search results of any popular search engines. Are you any the wiser? Well if you are not then take a look at an article by Click Consult. It will explain it in so much more detail.

SEO is a vital tool for my blog. It helps maintain that my website comes up high on google within certain categories, which is where the use of keywords play a part. In my case for example, if somebody googled dad bloggers then I would hope to come high in the rankings as the keywords I use regularly are dad bloggers.

When I first realised that I needed to make SEO a priority in my blogging life, the thought of it was actually quite scary, but now I have full understanding of how important it is to my blog. It has actually become second nature. It’s like everything in life, if you don’t understand it, it’s frightening, but so often if you embrace something it is actually not that scary and SEO is like that. I have found getting my SEO correct also helps to push traffic towards my blog and increases my readership. After all there is no point writing a blog post if nobody has read it, so you must use every tool available to you and SEO is one such tool.

What are your experiences and opinions of SEO? I would love to hear.

This is a collaborative post.

2 thoughts on “The Importance Of SEO For My Blog

  1. Oh SEO!!! On one hand, it’s so important and on the other hand, it’s a right pain in the go-nads!!

    Personally I struggle at times in getting it done. Purely due to the amount of work & time you need to put into a decent blog post. By the time you’ve fleshed out the idea, written the post, edited & positioned your images etc, that last thing I feel like doing is going through all the SEO extra’s that are needed. That’s possibly why my stats are so crap lately!!!! That said, there are some great plugins that can really help.

    On the other side, your point above is true & correct – what’s the point in writing a great post if nobody is going to find it to read it??

    Time to go through a few older posts of mine and SEO them up and see what happens stats wise! Great read Nige.

  2. SEO is huge right now and if you aren’t playing the game then you’re sitting with no traffic. Its like reading double dutch when you start to read about it all but finding the right tools and sites to help you, can make a huge difference.
    loving this blog though, I indeed found you by googling dad bloggers

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