Those Teenage Years

Two of my children are no longer teenagers and do I miss those days of indecision, hormones and being told, “Dad! You don’t understand!” As if I was never a teenager, which if I’m honest initially would annoy the hell out of me, but I got to the point where it simply went over my head. Do I miss them not a chance! My son is 19 years old and is gradually coming out of those teenager years where you are full of angst and the temperament is like a rollercoaster ride. He turns 20 next March, by which time… [Read More]

Your Children Are On Loan

When my eldest daughter was born 23 years ago, I remember holding her in my arms when she was just a few hours old. My mother was standing next to me smiling. My mum was never one with wise words of wisdom when I was growing up, but this particular time she shared some wisdom that at the time I took no notice of, and actually thought what a strange thing to say to me. My mother looked at me and said, “remember Nigel, your children are only on loan”. I was a little shocked at this statement, and distinctly… [Read More]

Our Body Weight. Are We Missing The Point?

A few years ago there was uproar over size zero models, and rightly so, especially as our teenager children were most likely watching this on social media, and could of easily start to believe that it is perfectly normal to be so underweight, which of course it’s not. We have since come full circle and now it seems just like society was trying to normalise being underweight, people are now trying to normalise being obese, because let’s be honest that’s what it is, morbidly obese. I hear and read the same old statement: “I’m happy with the way I am”…. [Read More]

How to Avoid Needing a Drain Expert – Materials That Block Pipes

Be Aware Although there are plenty of materials that all adults should know cause our drain pipes to get blocked at home, some things that lead to congested drains are not all that obvious. However, by taking the time to look on the internet for websites providing information on how to avoid getting our drains blocked, homeowners should be able to stop having to deal with such unpleasant issues. Imagesource : Pixabay Parents who have failed to explain to the kids what they should not throw down the toilet should really do something about their lack of guidance to their… [Read More]

That Friday Linky

It’s Friday again, which means it’s That Friday Linky time again! Please have a quick read of the info below and join in! As always we ask that you link up your favourite post of the week. Please don’t link up your entire blog, just one specific post that you’d like to share with us all. Linky’s are a great way to find new blogs to read, discover new content and they’re also a great way to raise your blogs profile. Myself and my wife, Emily, who blogs at Twin Mummy and Daddy are your hosts. If you’d like us to retweet… [Read More]

Why I think It’s Not Ok! To Argue In Front Of Your Children

The other day I read a post that was written by Carl who blogs at Dadtastic voyage called Why Arguing In Front Of Your Kids Isn’t Always A Bad Thing. First of all I loved the post and I think the argument he shows is valid and he makes some very important points about how your children should see that we can’t all get on all the time it’s the nature of the human being to disagree with others at different times, so total respect to Carl but I feel there is a big difference between arguing in front of… [Read More]

Four Years Blogging. Have I Learnt Anything?

My fourth anniversary of blogging is upon me, and I have often wondered if I have learnt anything. I have obviously learnt how to blog, and I am reasonably good at WordPress nowadays, but I wonder if I have learnt any secrets to becoming a successful blogger. The honest answer is no. I have absolutely no idea what it takes to hopefully get people clicking on a post and reading it. For all of that, here are four things that I believe you have to do if you stand any chance of succeeding in the ever increasing blogging world. When… [Read More]

A Weekend Of Worry, A Little Sadness And Lots of Driving

The weekend that has just passed was a strange and long weekend for many reasons. Early Saturday morning my 21 year old daughter left her home city to embark on her life journey. It’s that moment when you really go out to conquer the world. In my post yesterday I wrote about how after three years of university she is now a qualified nurse, but with a tinge if sadness. She has secured her first job 150 miles away, but you have to let go eventually. The worry for me started at around 6.00am. She was driving to Southampton, which… [Read More]