Oral-B Star Wars Brush Like A Hero

I have recently teamed up with Oral-B and their range of Star Wars toothbrushes and toothpaste for children. The importance of oral hygiene cannot be emphasised enough. It’s so important to start teaching children this as early as possible. Did you know that as soon as a tooth appears you need to start brushing it? It’s important to get children into the habit of brushing their teeth, so that your children don’t see it as a chore, but as a pleasure to keep their teeth clean and in good health just like superheroes! That’s why Oral-B are encouraging us as parents to… [Read More]

What You Should And Shouldn’t Do After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Let’s face it, any tooth removal can be an unpleasant experience. Thankfully though, you’ll only have to go through wisdom teeth removal once or twice in your lifetime. Despite this, you’ll still want to discover the best ways to care for your mouth after the wisdom teeth have been removed so you can recover quicker. This article will therefore look at some of the do’s and don’ts of post-tooth-removal aftercare. If you follow them, you’ll have the smoothest experience possible. If you are still be searching for a reliable wisdom-tooth removal dentist, there are several highly rated clinics you can… [Read More]

How To Overcome The Anxiety Of Going To The Dentist

We all get nervous going to the dentist – it is totally normal. But, if your anxiety affects your oral health and prevents you from heading to the dentist, you may be experiencing dental anxiety. WHAT CAUSES DENTAL ANXIETY? 1. Loss of Control Some people feel like they lose control when they sit in the dental chair, making a visit overwhelming. They associate a dentist hovering over them as a feeling of being trapped. 2. Pain Many people dread going to the dentist because of the fear of pain. 3. Past Experiences There are those who develop dental fears if… [Read More]

Why It Is Important To Care for Your Teeth Properly

There are a lot of people who will only start to take care of a problem after it has already arisen. Prevention is key to remaining fit and healthy, and this does not only apply to your general health but also your teeth. Preventive dentistry is something that everyone can do to take care of their teeth and gums; and there is a wealth of information freely available on the Dentalhealth.org website about it. Creating a good oral hygiene routine is essential in making sure you have a cracking smile right into old age, and is the best preventive dentistry… [Read More]