Controlling My Medication With My PlanSmart Medication Chart

Since I had a stroke a couple of months ago there have been changes that I have had to make to lots of aspects of my life and lifestyle. Changes that I didn’t think I was going to be making, but if I want to keep going a bit longer and watch all of my children grow up and settle in their lives, it simply was a no-brainer. One of first things that needed changing was to give up smoking. This has not been an easy task for me, because I’m a life long smoker, but thankfully where I live… [Read More]

How Could Damp in Your Home Affect Your Health?

Many people believe that if you cannot see, hear, or smell the problem, then it is not really a problem at all. If your house is not flooded, or you do not see mold or water slipping through the cracks, then your home is not wet, right? In reality, that may not be true. Even if your home is not wet to the point where you can see water pooling, it may still be damp if not properly insulated, and that in itself can pose a problem. In a place like Texas, where when it rains, it pours, you will definitely want to consult with… [Read More]

My Wife Is Seriously Awesome And I Love Her: The London Marathon 2019

Approximately 18 months ago my wife, Emily, decided to take up running. She felt she was not as fit as she would like to be, and as a teenager she enjoyed running so it seemed a natural thing to do to take up running again. I clearly remember her going on those first few runs of just 1k. She would come back feeling knackered, and I imagine it would have been so easy to just stop as it’s far too much effort, but no, my wife is made of much stronger stuff than that. My wife gradually built up her… [Read More]

Your Children’s Health

One the biggest worries and fears that I have as a parent is my children’s health. If I am really honest with myself, one of the most testing times as a parent is when one of my children is unwell. After being a dad for 22 years you would think that I’d have got used to it, but even now when either my son or daughter phone or text me from university to say they have been to the doctors and been given antibiotics, I instantly worry and think that I wish I was next to them to give them… [Read More]

Getting A Second Chance with A Reverse Vasectomy

Marriages are not final, in today’s society divorce or separation has become the norm. Although many couples stay happily married for the rest of their lives, people realise that they just aren’t made for each other. This leads to people separating and introducing the possibility of having new partners. For some men, the idea of finding a new partner and having more children with them does not always seem possible. This is because these men have undergone a surgical procedure called a vasectomy. This involves the cutting of tubes that allow the sperm to enter the semen. The decision to… [Read More]

These Guys Saved My Life: Paramedics and The Welsh Ambulance Service

When you have suffered serious ill health, or have been involved in an accident, the paramedics of the ambulance service are always there for you as quickly as they possibly can be. One month ago three paramedics from the Welsh Ambulance Service came to my rescue. The paramedics are unfailing in the treatment they give to people in need, and always transport them as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital. So often the ambulance service seems to get a lot of bad press because we constantly see ambulances in news reports queued up outside hospitals, giving people, wrongly I… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About Thrush Guys! #Ad

I have always found it fascinating how different men and women are when it comes to talking about the more intimate health problems that we all can have at different times during our lives. As such I have teamed up with Canesten for their ‘Let’s Talk Health’ campaign. Canesten is opening up the conversation of talking about intimate health issues, with Thrush being top of the list. There is still very much a stigma around that word thrush, and quite honestly there shouldn’t be. After all it’s a very common yeast infection that is found in the skin of healthy… [Read More]

Do You Trust Your GP’s Practice?

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been suffering from high blood pressure since Christmas. This has resulted in two incidents of me being hospitalised, and on the second occasion this resulted in me having a stroke, which, as I have written, was a very scary and frightening experience. My open question is, could it all have been avoided? I think it could have been had my GP’s practice just taken a bit more time to monitor me properly, instead of giving me a tablet and sending me on my way, because quite honestly it wasn’t good… [Read More]