Halloween Is Here!

Some people love Halloween and it’s an important date in the year for them. For me I’m neither one way or the other, but it has definitely become an occasion that is now celebrated in the UK more than ever before. Once again the influence from America has come in all its full glory. Just like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC arrived here from across the Atlantic all those years ago, although being a fast food fanatic I’m not moaning about that! Halloween is now very much an important part of the uk’s calendar dates that you ignore at your… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo: My Equestrian Twins

When I was growing up birthday parties usually consisted of a few friends over for tea at your house. A few party games, followed by happy birthday, blow the candles out and off you went home. All of this would normally take under an hour. Omg! How times have changed. My six year old twin girls R and M have been to a kaleidoscope of different themed types of parties and yesterday was no different. It was their cousins birthday party, and it was an equestrian type of party which was about a 30 minute drive from where we live…. [Read More]

Buying a new bed for your children

Early last year, it became apparent that our twin girls had almost outgrown their cot beds. They’d had them since they were babies, when we used to use them as cots. As they got older, we changed them from cots to beds, but they quickly outgrew them. My wife and I knew that it was time to buy them a new bed each. They don’t have the biggest bedroom, and they do share a room, so my wife and I were keen to buy something ‘space saving’. That’s when we started to look at bunk beds for Kids. It seemed… [Read More]

Take the #TyreChallenge

I’ve been driving for over 30 years, and in that time, you would think that I would know a fair bit about driving. Especially when you consider that I also used to work in a garage! However, I recently took the Kwik Fit #TyreChallenge, which is an online quiz, and I was really surprised by my lack of tyre knowledge. Out of 10 questions, I got just 3 correct answers. I drive my car every day. To work, to the children’s school, to the shops etc, and I’ve even driven long distances from my home in Cardiff to the likes… [Read More]

I Just Don’t Feel The Man I Was

Since I had a stroke earlier this year so much has changed about the way I feel about myself. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how I have changed, I just don’t feel the same. With the year of ill-health I have experienced it has made me put my life in perspective, but it has also left me feeling battered and bruised from the whole experience. Life just has a habit sometimes of kicking you between the legs when you least expect it. Many aspects of my life have changed and coming to terms with those changes is so… [Read More]

I Lost My Temper with My Twins But I Don’t Regret It

We are approximately two and a half weeks into the school summer holidays and I think I have done very well in keeping my temper with my six year old twin girls. That was until the other day when I finally snapped. This is unusual for me because I very rarely shout like I did at one of the girls. In truth it could easily have been either of them, but it just happened to be M. We were just making a move out to go out for tea at a local pub and I said to the girls come… [Read More]

Cooking With Jack Daniels Sauces #ad

I love cooking, and when cooking meat such as chicken I always love to add a sauce. When I was recently approached by Jack Daniels Sauces to create my own recipe, I couldn’t wait, especially as they were going to send me a selection of their BBQ sauces which is easily my favourite flavour! After a little thought I decided to cook chicken. I was looking for something that was simple yet spectacular at the same time. Not easy to achieve, but I think I just about managed it. So first up I needed to buy some ingredients. I decided… [Read More]

Siblings With Different Mums Or Dads

My six year old twin girls have now realised that their older sisters and brother do not have the same mummy as them, and they have started saying to me, “So dad, you lived with somebody else before mummy and that is our sisters and brothers mum?” Of course I reply and say yes that’s right, but this is where I find it difficult to continue the conversation mainly because I have no desire to talk them about my ex-wife. When my first marriage broke up many years ago, I took only one thing from it. My three children. I… [Read More]