Caring For Your Beard With Beard Buys #AD

In todays modern world a lot of men have beards. Some of them long, some bushy and some not so bushy, however would you believe that there was once a time when only certain men of particular professions such as men who spent their lives at sea had a beard. The remainder of us men were usually clean shaven. That was just the way it was. Of course times have dramatically changed and it’s just as common to have a beard as it is to be clean shaven nowadays. To see men walking around with full beards is very common… [Read More]

Video Special: Bed Guru’s #ChooseSleep Campaign: For a Better Nights Sleep #AD

I’ve teamed up with Bed Guru, the online retailer and sleep specialists, to see if they can help me to get a better nights sleep by following their #ChooseSleep Guide. Bed Guru are determined to help solve the sleep loss epidemic by raising awareness through their Choose Sleep campaign. Bed Guru want to educate people about the important of sleep, and ways to help get the most from a good night’s shut eye. I have been working with Bed Guru over the last four weeks bringing you weekly video diaries of my progress. I’ve never been the best sleeper. Although… [Read More]

Christmas Past Christmas Now!

I love Christmas. It’s easily my favourite time of the year by a long way, but I love the Christmas of today and that is something that has happened from the experiences of my own childhood when Christmas was not such a happy time. Growing up, as I have written about on occasion before, was at times incredibly difficult. My family when growing up has to be up with the best of them as super dysfunctional. It was like walking into a war zone every time I entered my house. I say house because it was so far removed from… [Read More]

Santa Safari At West Midlands Safari Park Our Trip #AD

There is no doubt in our home that Christmas is easily our favourite part of the year. When you have six year old twin girls that still fiercely believe in Father Christmas it gives the festive season that magical feel that only children can create. They believe, and that’s quite simply the magic of Christmas for my wife and I. So when I was invited to have the experience of a Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park, we as a family took absolutely no convincing! West Midland Safari Park has without question become our favourite place to visit on… [Read More]

Win a 6 month Xbox Game Pass Subscription

As a keen Xbox fan, I’m very excited to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a 6 month Xbox Pass subscription worth £48. With Christmas coming up, this could be a great gift to yourself or a loved one! Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows customers to purchase multiple games at a set cost each month. The Game Pass library includes over 100 great Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible titles including Forza Motorsport 7, Disneyland Adventures, Sea of Thieves and Halo, which happens to be one of my all time favourites! Xbox… [Read More]

Halloween Is Here!

Some people love Halloween and it’s an important date in the year for them. For me I’m neither one way or the other, but it has definitely become an occasion that is now celebrated in the UK more than ever before. Once again the influence from America has come in all its full glory. Just like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC arrived here from across the Atlantic all those years ago, although being a fast food fanatic I’m not moaning about that! Halloween is now very much an important part of the uk’s calendar dates that you ignore at your… [Read More]

My Sunday Photo: My Equestrian Twins

When I was growing up birthday parties usually consisted of a few friends over for tea at your house. A few party games, followed by happy birthday, blow the candles out and off you went home. All of this would normally take under an hour. Omg! How times have changed. My six year old twin girls R and M have been to a kaleidoscope of different themed types of parties and yesterday was no different. It was their cousins birthday party, and it was an equestrian type of party which was about a 30 minute drive from where we live…. [Read More]

Buying a new bed for your children

Early last year, it became apparent that our twin girls had almost outgrown their cot beds. They’d had them since they were babies, when we used to use them as cots. As they got older, we changed them from cots to beds, but they quickly outgrew them. My wife and I knew that it was time to buy them a new bed each. They don’t have the biggest bedroom, and they do share a room, so my wife and I were keen to buy something ‘space saving’. That’s when we started to look at bunk beds for Kids. It seemed… [Read More]