5 Conversations to have with your child about social media

Social media can be daunting for many parents. With new apps and sites emerging daily, parents can often struggle to keep ahead of our ‘digital native’ children. Regardless of the social media site or app your child is using, Laya Healthcare encourages parents to talk with their children and ensure they have these important conversations with them about using social media. What is the meaning of ‘privacy’ online?  What does it really mean when we select ‘private account’? Once we have selected this option, can we then share whatever we want and it will remain private? Unfortunately, this is not… [Read More]

What Do Super-Dads Do When Kids Get Arrested?

It’s never easy when loved ones get arrested, much less when it’s your child. Your emotional attachment might just cloud your judgment and make you panic.  Law enforcement agencies reported that approximately 809,700 minors got arrested in the U.S. in 2017. Given how commonplace cases like these are, we decided that a set of guidelines was necessary to help hapless fathers get their children out of prison at the earliest. Remain Calm and Assess the Situation When you are notified that your child has been arrested, it is imperative that you remain calm. Get to the police station and know… [Read More]

Kid Missing? Here’s What You Need to Do

Being a parent or a caretaker for a child is difficult and challenging at times, but sometimes, there are unprecedented events that are completely out of your control, and having a missing child is one of them. The epidemic of child kidnappings and other criminal acts against children is rampant as ever. Texas is a hotspot for children to go missing. Whether your child sneaked out somewhere or was abducted, you need to take the correct precautions to make sure he/she returns safely. In case of an abduction, you can use PrisonFinder to rule out possible suspects or to ensure… [Read More]

How to Talk To Your Teenage Children About Cannabis?

With an increase in the reference of it in pop culture and the normalisation surrounding its usage, cannabis is making headlines. The topic revolving around cannabis and its usage is being normalized in societies and cultures, with Canada and several states in the USA legalizing its recreational and medical usage.  Due to its reputation and representation in media, teenagers are becoming more susceptible to the same. Talking about cannabis with your teenage children is important due to several reasons; one of them being that multiple states in the USA, like Texas, still consider cannabis illegal.  In states like Texas, law… [Read More]

Dads! You Are Your Children’s First Superhero Lets Get It Right!

When you have been a dad for as long as me, it’s actually 24 years this year, it’s scary to think about where the time has gone. My son is turning 20 years old in a few days time and it only seems like yesterday that he was a baby. I’m not sure if my older children see me as their Superhero like they did when they were younger, but interestingly they still come to me for advice or just to bounce ideas off about their lives. What has come to my attention is how we are as dads when… [Read More]

Trying To Live A Zero Waste Life

For quite a while my wife and I have become increasingly more aware of the amount of waste that we are dumping on our planet and just what a devastating effect it is having on planet earth. As such, we have decided to try to live a zero waste life. We both feel it’s vitally important for our children so that when they become adults they’ll hopefully inherit a cleaner, more environmentally friendly planet than what it is currently. It’s also vital that we teach our seven old twins now about zero waste so it is passed onto future generations… [Read More]

4 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

Image source Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see. It is what will give them that all-important first impression of your home and family, and first impressions tend to stick. Take a long hard look at the front of your house and if it is looks as though it may need some TLC, perhaps it is time to do a few jobs to make it look better… Start At The Top When it comes to property, whether you are cleaning decorating or giving the outside a facelift, you should always start at the top and work down. Take… [Read More]

Two Stories One Ending

It has never ceased to amaze me how people end up with a partner for life, is it an accident or coincidence, or is it simply meant to be? Is the pairing of two people decided long before we actually meet that person, the one that we will share our lives with? How is it that all of sudden there is an attraction so strong that we quite simply are unable to resist? Our powers to stop what will happen next are taken away and we are drawn like bees to honey. Why is that? Surely this is not a… [Read More]