Do I Regret Having Children: Maybe, Maybe Not

This is a hot topic of recent days. Apparently there have been many parents that, although they love their children, have said that they’ve regretted having them. This is something I struggle to understand. Over last week or so it’s been all over the radio with many people debating it. I was actually asked to take part in a couple of shows, but decided to decline, mainly because I didn’t think I could add anything of any value to the debate, but I thought via my blog, I would add my opinion. It’s 2018 and 25 years ago I was… [Read More]

A Rare Moment Of Affection: My Sunday Photo

Siblings can at times show no affection towards each other when they are little children. In fact a more common occurrence is showing annoyance that they have a sibling, and constantly asking, “Do we really have share mum and dad?” This seems to me to be highlighted to an even greater degree when you have twins. My six year old twin girls are super competitive when it comes to time and attention from mum or dad. My Sunday Photo this week is one of those moments where they actually like to be in each other’s company. Would you believe it,… [Read More]

5 reasons to choose wooden office furniture.

Surrounding yourself with natural materials in your work environment not only looks great, it simply feels like a better place to work. Synthetic materials just don’t give off the same vibe. Many say it even increases productivity as a calm and natural environment invariably leads to an atmosphere that you are more comfortable to work in which impacts positively on creativity. Here are 5 good reasons why to deck out your office with wooden furniture. 1. Elegance There can be no doubt, the human eye can usually tell what appears natural and what does not. For sheer elegance, natural materials… [Read More]

2018 SuperAchievers Award: Working Dad Of Year Category I’m Shortlisted

Yesterday on a very cold snowy morning, I had an email to say I have been shortlisted for a SuperAchievers Award in the category of ‘Working Dad of the Year’. To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. It’s always an honour when you’re recognised for all your hard work, so thank you to Pitman for shortlisting me, and my wife, Emily, for nominating me. This really made my day yesterday. My beautiful wife nominated me for the award, which is such a lovely thing to do, especially when I read yesterday morning the lovely things she said… [Read More]

Dad Bloggers Are We Really On The Rise?

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called Rise of the daddy blogger. Did we rise? Well maybe, maybe not. I definitely think that we have become a more dominant force than we were a couple of years ago. I also believe we are a respected part of the blogosphere. Whether we have risen or not, well, that’s something I think is still very open to debate. The truth is, dads as bloggers are totally and completely outnumbered by mummy/female bloggers. It’s a numbers game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if mummy bloggers out number dad bloggers 20… [Read More]

University: My 20 Year Old Daughter

Regular readers of my blog will know I have written on a number of occasions about my 20 year old daughter, E, and her adventure through university and studying for her degree in nursing. Well my daughter is now well and truly in her third and final year of university, the home run you might say. The culmination of three long years of training which involves placements to different hospitals in the area where she has been studying, and this is also coupled with university lectures, and this final few months involves doing her dissertation which will contribute to her… [Read More]

Changing Rooms For Everyone Awards With Sudocrem #ad

I have teamed up with Sudocrem to highlight their awards scheme for the best changing room facilities in the uk. This is fifth year the awards have run and last year it won OTC marketing award 2017. Previous winners of the award include Mothercare, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. So some very high profile high street names. The awards have 3 categories you can vote for, but you can also nominate a facility that you think is leading the way. My twin girls are now six years old and it is still very clear in my mind how so many changing… [Read More]

My Parenting Mistakes OMG! There Are So Many

Being a parent, at the best of times is incredibly hard. Nothing is easy about it. It’s like no other job in the world. There is no training and so often no guidance, so it’s no surprise that people can be overcome with this 24/7 job that you have embarked upon. The biggest problem with being a mum or dad is that you never really know what your children are going to do next, which of course so often makes you look like you have made yet another mistake as a parent. A while ago I read a brilliant post… [Read More]