Guest Post By Carl Who Writes The Dadtastic Voyag

My third guest post is Carl. A dad blogger that once I discovered him very quickly became one of my favourites. His posts are always thoughtful and get you thinking. I love his writing and love his take on being a dad. If you haven’t discovered him yet check out Carl’s blog The Dadtastic Voyage, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you to Carl for guest posting and here it is enjoy! Gender roles in the family are outdated | Don’t Be A Father, Be A Dad Dads are now discovering that they have a choice instead of… [Read More]

Guest Post From Lewis Brown Who Writes Adventure Brown

First up in my guest posts this week is Lewis who writes the brilliant Adventure Brown Blog. Lewis is easily one of my favourite dad bloggers. This post is brutally honest about how he has suffered from depression, and in particular when he found out his partner was pregnant with their first child. It’s a rollercoaster of a post that will send you on an emotional journey. It truly is a must read. Thank you to Lewis for guest posting for me. I Have Depression Am I A Bad Dad depression As soon as I found out that my other… [Read More]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

One of my favourite days of the year is Father’s Day. The reason is of course quite simple. Being a father of five children I get spoilt rotten! This year Father’s Day in the UK is Sunday 17th June, so not long for my kids to think of lovely things to buy for me, but just in case they can’t think of anything to buy. Here is my Father’s Day gift guide to help them out, and of course help out anybody else that is stuck for ideas. The guide has everything from tech presents to more practical presents, and… [Read More]

How to Find an Online Side-Gig When Parenting

Having to take care of kids can easily turn into a full-time job. It’s probably the most enjoyable job you will ever have, but it can still be hard work. Every age presents a new host of challenges, and the satisfying job of being a parent will sometimes leave you with little time for anything else. Being a stay-at-home parent is also financially difficult. What we know from the statistics about stay-at-home moms says that they are financially worse off than moms who work. There’s no reason why the same wouldn’t apply to stay-at-home dads. Living with two sources of… [Read More]

So, Your Child Wants to Become a Mechanic?

The career path your child decides to go down is something you will, of course, be very interested and invested in. As parents, we always need to be careful that we do not try and get our children to live the life that we wish we had. We can fall into the trap of being a bit pushy over jobs, but it is important to remember that we spend the vast majority of our lives working, and so it is critical that your child is happy. So, if your son or daughter has decided they want to be a mechanic,… [Read More]

Do I Regret Having Children: Maybe, Maybe Not

This is a hot topic of recent days. Apparently there have been many parents that, although they love their children, have said that they’ve regretted having them. This is something I struggle to understand. Over last week or so it’s been all over the radio with many people debating it. I was actually asked to take part in a couple of shows, but decided to decline, mainly because I didn’t think I could add anything of any value to the debate, but I thought via my blog, I would add my opinion. It’s 2018 and 25 years ago I was… [Read More]

A Rare Moment Of Affection: My Sunday Photo

Siblings can at times show no affection towards each other when they are little children. In fact a more common occurrence is showing annoyance that they have a sibling, and constantly asking, “Do we really have share mum and dad?” This seems to me to be highlighted to an even greater degree when you have twins. My six year old twin girls are super competitive when it comes to time and attention from mum or dad. My Sunday Photo this week is one of those moments where they actually like to be in each other’s company. Would you believe it,… [Read More]

5 reasons to choose wooden office furniture.

Surrounding yourself with natural materials in your work environment not only looks great, it simply feels like a better place to work. Synthetic materials just don’t give off the same vibe. Many say it even increases productivity as a calm and natural environment invariably leads to an atmosphere that you are more comfortable to work in which impacts positively on creativity. Here are 5 good reasons why to deck out your office with wooden furniture. 1. Elegance There can be no doubt, the human eye can usually tell what appears natural and what does not. For sheer elegance, natural materials… [Read More]