Lock Paper Scissors Escape Room Z Game Review

I have recently teamed up with Lock Paper Scissors to play and review their game, Escape Room Z. Lock Paper Scissors is an online company that sells everything you need to design and run your very own Escape Room party with friends or colleagues. They make great team building games! Escape Room Z is a zombie themed game that transforms your home into a nail biting adventure. Suitable for teams of 4-6 players, this game should last for around an hour. The game is described as having a hard difficulty level, and whilst I do agree with this, it can… [Read More]

Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers etc. Are they the Celebs of the 21st Century?

When I was growing up social media, and in fact the internet did not exist, it was still in fact not even thought of. So celebrities for me growing up were pop stars, TV or film stars, which would occasionally would be seen on TV, and every now and again you would get an opportunity to see your favourite pop stars in concert. For me most of these pop stars were put on a pedestal because news of them was sparse and so consequently you never heard anything bad they may have done, so they would be people you aspire… [Read More]

It’s Time For A Major Facelift For Our Bedroom

We have been living in our current home for about three years now, and when we moved in nothing really needed doing as far as decorating was concerned. It was basically reasonably well decorated, so it was a simple case of move in and unpack. Unfortunately, about a year ago we had a water leak in the roof above our bedroom. The cost to repair the roof was very expensive. As such the damage done to the interior of our bedroom had to be put on hold until we could afford it. Thankfully I managed to patch it up so… [Read More]

Dad Bloggers Of The UK And The World Lets Unite Together

The dad bloggers of the UK, and the world are becoming, I have noticed, very united as a group that won’t possibly ever rival mum bloggers. However, we have finally become a force to be reckoned with, and that’s something I have not seen in the three and half years that I have been blogging. When I first started there was literally only a handful of dad bloggers that were mentioned or grouped with top mum bloggers, but I have noticed how that has now drastically changed. There are now many dad bloggers that are mentioned as great bloggers alongside… [Read More]

Saving Money When Renovating Your Home

When I was growing up, especially in my mid teen years, I had a passion for DIY. I loved it! Being in a single parent home with my mum, there was always to something to improve in our home. When I left school at 16 it was no surprise that I would find an apprenticeship in the building trade, which in my case was painting and decorating. Painting and decorating was always a big passion of mine, and I put this down to the fact that actually I was very good at it. When I bought my first house I… [Read More]

A Plan Of Action When The Kids Fly The Nest

Being a parent to young kids comes with loads of different benefits, and most people will try to enjoy their time in this position as much as they can before it is over. As your child grows, the input you have in their life will lower and lower, slowly reaching the point where they don’t need your help in normal life, anymore. When this time comes, you will find yourself with a lot more free time. Going from being a full-time mom or dad to an eerie silence, it can often be hard to adjust to a life at home… [Read More]

Oh No! It’s One Of Those Texts Again

Last year in March 2017 I wrote a post called Oh No! A Text I Never Wanted To Read. The post was all about my eldest daughter texting me about possibly going to live in Australia. My heart sank instantly and I struggled to come to terms with the thought of one of my children living on the other side of the world. I have only gone and had another one of those texts. Since March of last year not a lot has been said about going to live in Australia until just a few days ago. Yes! The dread… [Read More]

5 Dad Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2018

There are always more and more Dad bloggers coming onto the scene every year. Some will hang around and go on to be very good solid bloggers, but like anything in life many will fall by the wayside, when in truth they find out how much hard work goes into making a successful blog. At the beginning of last year I wrote a post about bloggers to watch out for in 2017. So I thought I would give my opinion on who I think will hopefully be big in 2018. I have been blogging just over three years and it… [Read More]