I Just Don’t Feel The Man I Was

Since I had a stroke earlier this year so much has changed about the way I feel about myself. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when and how I have changed, I just don’t feel the same. With the year of ill-health I have experienced it has made me put my life in perspective, but it has also left me feeling battered and bruised from the whole experience. Life just has a habit sometimes of kicking you between the legs when you least expect it. Many aspects of my life have changed and coming to terms with those changes is so… [Read More]

I Lost My Temper with My Twins But I Don’t Regret It

We are approximately two and a half weeks into the school summer holidays and I think I have done very well in keeping my temper with my six year old twin girls. That was until the other day when I finally snapped. This is unusual for me because I very rarely shout like I did at one of the girls. In truth it could easily have been either of them, but it just happened to be M. We were just making a move out to go out for tea at a local pub and I said to the girls come… [Read More]

Cooking With Jack Daniels Sauces #ad

I love cooking, and when cooking meat such as chicken I always love to add a sauce. When I was recently approached by Jack Daniels Sauces to create my own recipe, I couldn’t wait, especially as they were going to send me a selection of their BBQ sauces which is easily my favourite flavour! After a little thought I decided to cook chicken. I was looking for something that was simple yet spectacular at the same time. Not easy to achieve, but I think I just about managed it. So first up I needed to buy some ingredients. I decided… [Read More]

Siblings With Different Mums Or Dads

My six year old twin girls have now realised that their older sisters and brother do not have the same mummy as them, and they have started saying to me, “So dad, you lived with somebody else before mummy and that is our sisters and brothers mum?” Of course I reply and say yes that’s right, but this is where I find it difficult to continue the conversation mainly because I have no desire to talk them about my ex-wife. When my first marriage broke up many years ago, I took only one thing from it. My three children. I… [Read More]

Family Day At The Beach

Last Saturday we decided to go to a beach which is about a 30 minute drive from where we live. The beach is well known for its big waves so is very popular with surfers. It is also well known for its abundance of rock pools which was the main reason we went yesterday. It was a chance for the girls to try out their new fishing nets in the rock pools, and hopefully catch a few crabs, or fish. Well we did catch a few fish, but the crabs never appeared! We didn’t actually see one, let alone catch… [Read More]

Guest Post By Carl Who Writes The Dadtastic Voyag

My third guest post is Carl. A dad blogger that once I discovered him very quickly became one of my favourites. His posts are always thoughtful and get you thinking. I love his writing and love his take on being a dad. If you haven’t discovered him yet check out Carl’s blog The Dadtastic Voyage, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you to Carl for guest posting and here it is enjoy! Gender roles in the family are outdated | Don’t Be A Father, Be A Dad Dads are now discovering that they have a choice instead of… [Read More]

Guest Post From Lewis Brown Who Writes Adventure Brown

First up in my guest posts this week is Lewis who writes the brilliant Adventure Brown Blog. Lewis is easily one of my favourite dad bloggers. This post is brutally honest about how he has suffered from depression, and in particular when he found out his partner was pregnant with their first child. It’s a rollercoaster of a post that will send you on an emotional journey. It truly is a must read. Thank you to Lewis for guest posting for me. I Have Depression Am I A Bad Dad depression As soon as I found out that my other… [Read More]

Father’s Day Gift Guide

One of my favourite days of the year is Father’s Day. The reason is of course quite simple. Being a father of five children I get spoilt rotten! This year Father’s Day in the UK is Sunday 17th June, so not long for my kids to think of lovely things to buy for me, but just in case they can’t think of anything to buy. Here is my Father’s Day gift guide to help them out, and of course help out anybody else that is stuck for ideas. The guide has everything from tech presents to more practical presents, and… [Read More]