Benefits of Getting More Hands-on in Your Life

These days, the world is generally more forgiving towards people who are prone to ruminating obsessively, frittering away their time on idle distractions, and having their heads stuck in the clouds. Image via Pixabay Whereas once people in this category would have often had to go out and engage with the world to beat the inevitable boredom that would eventually set in, or else create something like art, today it’s possible to withdraw completely into the world of digital distractions, including things like Netflix, YouTube, assorted videogames, and even just Googling random facts and articles. There are plenty of benefits… [Read More]

Great Shopify Apps & Add-Ons to Consider

There are many ecommerce platforms on the market, but Shopify is an extremely flexible option. What is an ecommerce business? According to Shopify, it is an online retail store that ships physical merchandise in exchange for customer payments and data transferred digitally. To make this process easier for store owners, Shopify features many add-ons to manage the stores they host. This makes it simple for people of all technical abilities to succeed in the ecommerce world. No matter what you’re planning to sell using your site or what functionality you need, there’s an add-on for that! Here’s a list of… [Read More]

Figuring Out if Laser Hair Removal is Right for You

Laser hair removal is a clinical hair removal treatment that offers an alternative to at-home hair removal techniques like shaving. If you are tired of quick hair regrowth, accidentally missing some hairs while shaving or the general inconvenience of at-home techniques like waxing and shaving, it may be right for you. However, it is not the perfect choice for everyone. The following information can help you figure out if it is right for you. Why Laser Hair Removal is Popular The reason laser hair removal procedures have been so popular, particularly in the last 10 years, is they are highly… [Read More]

Choosing The Perfect Inflatable Hot Tub To Buy

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and dipping into an outside hot tub. Picture the bubbling inflatable tub jets gently relaxing your muscles and washing away your stresses and strains. This can be a reality and you can easily create the ultimate spa experience right in your backyard. With an inflatable hot tub, you don’t have to worry about the available space as you can set it up in your garage, garden, indoor, or just anywhere.  Whether for relaxation, exercise, entertainment, family or couples time, once you decide to get an inflatable hot tub, there are some… [Read More]

5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Etsy Shop

Every Etsy shop owner wants to know the right marketing tactics to promote their small business and stand out in the online marketplace. If you’re not sure how to spread the word about your store and grow your sales, here are five unique methods for you to try out.  Set up a Referral Program  Referral programs are a win all round. With affiliate programs, you pay promoters a percentage of a sale that’s made using a specific code or after clicking on a special link. If they don’t bring in any new sales, you don’t have to part with any… [Read More]

Santa Safari At West Midlands Safari Park Our Trip #AD

There is no doubt in our home that Christmas is easily our favourite part of the year. When you have six year old twin girls that still fiercely believe in Father Christmas it gives the festive season that magical feel that only children can create. They believe, and that’s quite simply the magic of Christmas for my wife and I. So when I was invited to have the experience of a Santa Safari at West Midland Safari Park, we as a family took absolutely no convincing! West Midland Safari Park has without question become our favourite place to visit on… [Read More]

Win a 6 month Xbox Game Pass Subscription

As a keen Xbox fan, I’m very excited to be able to offer my readers the chance to win a 6 month Xbox Pass subscription worth £48. With Christmas coming up, this could be a great gift to yourself or a loved one! Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that allows customers to purchase multiple games at a set cost each month. The Game Pass library includes over 100 great Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible titles including Forza Motorsport 7, Disneyland Adventures, Sea of Thieves and Halo, which happens to be one of my all time favourites! Xbox… [Read More]

What to do When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Tax trouble is a common phenomenon that occurs in the lives of millions of Americans. While we can dream that taxes would disappear, or that they wouldn’t exist at all, the reality is that we owe a responsibility to our country… and it has a price tag. Hard times befall the best of us and they usually have a lot to do with debt. From student loans, mortgages, credit cards and the likes of, to just about anything that can rack up money owed, debt can become a major problem in our lives. Unfortunately, while trying to manage all of our other payments we lose… [Read More]