Getting Your Car Ready For Those Winter Months

Winter is nearly upon us and this gets me thinking that I need to sort out the cars and prepare them for those winter conditions. If I’m honest, I don’t particularly like driving, and like a lot of people I don’t relish driving when there is heavy rain, ice or snow on the ground. It’s very important that your car is in tip top condition to deal with whatever weather the winter months will bring. So I thought I would put together a checklist for your car to make sure you and your family are safe driving this winter. 1…. [Read More]

Why You Should Never Teach Your Kids to Drive

More teenagers than ever are putting off learning to drive until they are older. In part, this is because they don’t need to drive as much as we did in previous generations. Public transport is readily available, and apps like Uber make getting about easier than ever. Many teenagers are also choosing to stay at home when they go to university, and they’d rather go out drinking than be the designated driver. But, the main reason that teens are reluctant to learn to drive is the cost. Driving lessons themselves are expensive. Then, passing your test is harder than ever,… [Read More]

Take the #TyreChallenge

I’ve been driving for over 30 years, and in that time, you would think that I would know a fair bit about driving. Especially when you consider that I also used to work in a garage! However, I recently took the Kwik Fit #TyreChallenge, which is an online quiz, and I was really surprised by my lack of tyre knowledge. Out of 10 questions, I got just 3 correct answers. I drive my car every day. To work, to the children’s school, to the shops etc, and I’ve even driven long distances from my home in Cardiff to the likes… [Read More]

On Yer Bike! Is A Motorcycle The Right Choice For You?

There are plenty of fantasies that a lot of guys have. Whether it’s things like getting out and doing some extreme sports or being able to splash your cash on a fancy new sports car, we’ve all got those little fantasies that sit in the back of our minds. However, there’s one that’s more common than just about any other and that’s the dream that plenty of people, men and women alike, have of owning and being able to ride a motorcycle. After all, what could be more appealing than being able to get out on the open road at… [Read More]

Driving Abroad: How To Prepare Yourself

Thinking of driving abroad? Here are some vital preparation tips for first time drivers planning on tackling the roads overseas. Image source Decide whether to hire a car or take your own Your first decision should be to decide whether you’re hiring a car or taking your own. If you’re travelling to Europe, you can easily take your car on a ferry or on the Eurostar – there are even companies such as Car Shipping Made Simple that can help you to transport your car further afield. There are certain costs that you’ll have to consider by doing this, but it… [Read More]

Burning Rubber Will Burn Your Next Car Purchase Too

It’s time to buy a new car which means one thing: looking at specs. Dads want to know about everything from safety to top speeds and handling. The last feature they think about is the tyres. Rubber on the wheels is insignificant compared to the price of buying and running a new motor. Forget about it! Photo Except that you shouldn’t channel your inner Tony Soprano at all. Why? It’s because burning rubber is a surefire way to ruin your next purchase. It seems far-fetched and over-the-top, but below are the facts which back it up. Continue reading to find… [Read More]

What You Should Look For In Your Next Car?

Buying a car for you and your family is an important consideration and an important financial milestone. So how do you know which one is the right car for you? Here, we’ll share some of the most important things to look for in your next car. Safety The first thing you should consider is safety. This is the most important thing when buying a car for you and your family, especially with kids. Check the safety ratings of the vehicles you’re considering and analyze features such as airbags, backup cameras, lane assist, and many other important safety concerns. Dependability Like… [Read More]

The Best Way To Clean Your Car

Looking to clean your car this weekend? If you often run out of time to wash your beloved vehicle and instead end up at the local car wash you might be missing out on a great cleaning surface. Here are the steps you need to take to clean your car properly so that it looks brand new. image Check the condition of your car If you want to make sure that your car is healthy and stays in good condition throughout the years you need to clean it often. Take a look at the state of your car, and unless… [Read More]