Teach The Family About Fishing!

Piquing your children’s interest in the outdoors at an early age can spur them to create memories and hobbies in nature that will last them the rest of their lives. Having a love and respect for nature and the outdoors is something we want to instill in our children, the best way to do so is through activities. There are many things to get into as a kid and one of them is fishing! Before you take the kiddos down to the river, creek, or lake near home here’s a rundown of fishing basics and tackle. Boats are great but… [Read More]

Six Things Men Can Expect to Do When They Have Kids

When a man becomes a father, a lifestyle change is inevitable. This can be difficult for some men who are used to a certain way of life. Others will be excited for the change and embrace it; they will welcome a child. Either way, your life will never be the same again. And that could be a good thing. It could be a great thing!     Some men get so excited about being a parent, they record as much of their experiences as possible so that they can look back and see their child’s progression. They will also see… [Read More]

Oh Yes! Back To School Today

Well the summer holidays just flew by in a flash. I cannot believe my six year old twin girls will be back in school in just a few days. It is actually scary how quickly the last six weeks have gone by and I have never known the summer holidays to go so quickly. This was a moment to cherish forever I could say I have survived the summer holidays, but the truth is I haven’t. I have found the summer holidays to be one of the most enjoyable six weeks of my life. I’m not entirely sure why it’s… [Read More]

Family Values. Are They The Same Today?

Has the 21st century changed what we consider to be important when it comes to family values? Is there a generation of young people who now consider their friends to be more important than family? Are they missing the importance of family, in fact do they have any family values left or do they consider family only needed when the sh*t hits the fan and they call family to put the problem they have at that particular moment right? I have in my own experience found that when something goes pear shaped in your life friends are generally a bit… [Read More]

Why Your Kids Play A Large Role in Your Next Family Car

Have you had a kid or two since the last time you bought a new car? Well, you probably already know that things are going to change this time around. You know because you feel the pain of cramming car seats into your sporty two-seater and having to curb your speed because there’s a baby on board. You’ve been dreading this moment, but you know a family car will make everyone more comfortable. Here’s how your kids will play a large role in your next family car. You’ll think about future kids When you were younger, could you ever have… [Read More]

My Mum Has Reached A Milestone. She Is 90 Years Old Today

Today is my mum’s 90th birthday. What a milestone to reach! To live to 90 years of age! It’s actually quite hard to visualise somebody that has lived 90 years and has seen all the changes the world has gone through. My mum has lived through the Second World War, has seen television and the telephone invented, and seen the world change beyond what she would remember as a child. I wondered if life was simpler when she was a child with no internet, no social media etc, that would have been simpler that’s for sure, but how would we… [Read More]

Capturing Those Magical Images When Your Baby Has Arrived

After nine months of pregnancy and waiting for your baby to be born, once your new baby has entered the world, life is turned on its head and time becomes a premium because you simply don’t have enough time to do anything. It’s all about the baby and let’s be fair they are incredibly time consuming. With all the feeding, changing nappies etc, it’s full on, and of course if it’s your first baby it can be very overwhelming. Lots of things that you had time to do like long leisurely lie-ins on a Sunday morning or a shower that… [Read More]

Just When I Thought Family Couldn’t Hurt Me Anymore This Happens!

Well here is a story which would be difficult to make up. Just when I thought my original family couldn’t leave me bruised and hurt anymore than they already have, they just have again, and it’s left me thinking that you can’t pick your family, but you sure as hell can pick your friends. I have a biological brother that went to the other side of the world well over 40 years ago and it’s about 30 years or more since we have seen each other. We have had very sporadic contact over the years, and the last time any… [Read More]