How To Choose The Perfect Family Car

Priorities for your car change when you have a family. Image via Pexels. Perhaps you wanted to bomb around in a Jeep. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a sleek sports model like an Audi TT. Whatever your motoring dreams, one things for sure – your idea of the perfect car changes a lot with fatherhood. Suddenly fitting three kids and a dog in requires a very different spec. There is a lot to consider, but buying your perfect family car doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Don’t Rush Your Decision Car dealerships can be very pressured environments, but whatever… [Read More]

Giving Your Car That Extra Special Touch

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new car. After all, you have probably researched and hunted for the car that is perfect for you for a very long time. That probably involves going online checking specs of many different cars, making sure it’s the right size especially if you have a bunch of kids to drive around or it could be you are going to be the only one in the car for most of the time, which means that maybe you want something smaller or a bit sporty. This of course all takes time which will involve… [Read More]

Checking the History When Buying a Used Car

There are many moments in life when you need to change your car. One of the biggest reasons for changing a car is when you decide to have a family. Unfortunately, that trendy, sporty motor is no longer fit for purpose, and you now find that you’ll need a more practical car so that you can fit a child car seat in easily. Of course, in addition to this you’ll also want a good boot size for everything you need to take everywhere you go with a young family. So, when you start your journey of looking for a used… [Read More]

Take the #TyreChallenge

I’ve been driving for over 30 years, and in that time, you would think that I would know a fair bit about driving. Especially when you consider that I also used to work in a garage! However, I recently took the Kwik Fit #TyreChallenge, which is an online quiz, and I was really surprised by my lack of tyre knowledge. Out of 10 questions, I got just 3 correct answers. I drive my car every day. To work, to the children’s school, to the shops etc, and I’ve even driven long distances from my home in Cardiff to the likes… [Read More]

The Tools You Need to Maintain a Luxury Car

Luxury cars obviously cost much more than ordinary cars do, they also require the utmost care and attention so that they will operate properly. Using improper equipment to maintain a luxury car will ultimately shorten its lifespan and negate the decision to purchase a luxury car in the first place. However, the following tools will help you to give your luxury car the attention it deserves so that it will continue to give you the ride of your life for years to come. 1. Power Washer If you invested the money to purchase a luxury vehicle then there is no… [Read More]

Why The Safety And Maintenance Of Car Tyres Is So Important

This year has been a very busy year which has involved me driving long distances on a regular basis. This has involved a lot of motorway driving. When I’m driving at speed on what are ever increasing, busy and congested motorways, I like to have the security of knowing that my tyres are all in tip top condition and fully maintained. There is no excuse nowadays why your tyres should not be perfect at all times. Purchasing tyres can be so easy and can be done online with a retailer such as TyrePlus where you input all the information about… [Read More]

Getting Your Van Ready For Business

Nowadays many people are self-employed and lots of people are either trades people or offer delivery services. This means it’s important to have your van properly equipped to do whatever your job is and also to ensure it’s done in a very efficient way so you don’t lose any time through lack of organisation. I have been a painter and decorator for about 20 years which quite often also includes doing handyman jobs, and I have always used a van. All too often it involves working long hours which is ok, but time can be wasted because I can’t find… [Read More]

The Art Of Finding A Safe Car

Image  The topic of safety is never far from your mind when you think about your children, especially as far as driving is concerned. Car safety will always be one of those eternally debated topics, and yet there are people who text while driving, or continually put their lives in danger by being maniacs on the road, but will blame drivers. While this isn’t something we have any control over, we can at least make our vehicle as safe as possible by picking the right type of car for our family. Is there a certain type of car that’s safer… [Read More]